Friday, 6 April 2012

Short update for a big post to come, as usual.

Hi peoples, our blog has been sort of dead recently, with good reason too. Nothing much interesting has happened, aside from many tournament reports piled up which I can foresee to be extremely repetitive and therefore will not be published. Now that the decklists for our asia championship decklists are set in stone, heres to all the duelists competing, may you have the right amount of skill and luck(hell, single elimination bromies) to come out on top amidst the competition. That being said, and with today being Good Friday, be prepared for a post of epic length and proportions(as usual~) from myself later in the day regarding my new plaything from REDU. Im pretty sure what I have to say would interest quite many of you, aside from what might be obvious, this new archtype seems to once again tickle my curiosity and deckbuilding juices like how junkdoppel once did. Look forward to the mesh of ideas and theory-oh later today~


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