Friday, 11 May 2012

World Championship Qualifier and Updates'

WCQ is taking place here in singapore in just another 46 days from now.With it being Asia Format,this means that there were not be any Hero Beat,Laval and Etc.Currently in a dilemma of not know wad to play.I do have Inzector but seeing how badly i have alway done wif Inzector in tourney,i dun think i would bring it to WCQ..Machina Gadget is cheap and good but not sure how well it be without the help of Tinplate Goldfish to flood.Definitely not Geargi due to the simple fact that Birdman and Iron Call are the core of the deck and without it ,it would be very slow.Hiero is at the top of my list,it is very flexible as compared to the other Asia Legal meta deck,Having a access to cards like Streak Bouncer ,No 25 ,Exa Beetle and many other more ,it surely is a force to reckon with.

As usual,Inzector is going to take up to 50% but seeing a decline of Inzector by many players recently,it should most likely drop but will still take up the biggest portion.Rabbit Ragia should have a rise after seeing Ryan Stark 
owning ppl wif first turn rabbit in asia.Hiero will definitely get a rise since Asia top 4 has Hiero,so yeah pretty much wad i predict/expect to see at worlds.

Any suggestion would be very much appreciated 

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