Wednesday, 5 September 2012


So yeah, team insanetech is NOT dead, just utterly lazy to post. Still have to persuade Lamby to post his World's report, and while waiting for that, here is the report of the team tournament that took place last last sunday (So long ago sia).

Return of Team Insanetech
Player A: Lamby (Genex Mermail)
Player B: zzxiaoboizz (Poh Poh Gadgets)
Player C: Et3rnalFlam3s (X-Sabers)

You might be thinking, why sabers? I really had no idea what to play at the beginning of this format, and since it was slower than the last format I decided to give me old deck a chance. Playtest with it was also not bad, thus the choice of sticking with it.

Round 1: Vs Elton (Arrive Hero) XX

Game 1: Died to drawing too many small monsters without and combo and him having miracles to kill me.
Game 2: Was in control till he top-decked a Pot into Miracle, and then had Arrive to kill me.

Lamby and zzxiaoboizz both won.

Round 2: Vs Putraaaaa (TG AA) XOO

Game 1: Died to his pro topdecking skills (Aka getting a hyperion when he was dying)
Game 2: Controlled and won
Game 3: Midgame I decided to push and summoned FullHelmKnight with him only having Revise Dragon on the field. I declared battle and used Book of Moon, and chained Gottom's Emergency Call, to which he Solemned. But I had a Solemn of my own to push it through, and with it the match.

Lamby and zzxiaoboizz both lost

Round 3: Vs Xiaomei (TG AA) OXO

Game 1: Just killed her with saber beats
Game 2: Died to OTK
Game 3: It came down to her having a BLS, and me only having a monster reborn in my hand. I drew, and my saviour came, CREATURE SWAP!!! I reborned my Emmerseblade and swapped it for her BLS, and even though she veilered the BLS I still won due to emmerseblade's effect.

Lamby won, zzxiaoboizz lost

Round 4: Vs Clarence (Mermail OP) XX

Game 1: Mind Control OP
Game 2: Mind Control OP

Lamby lost, zzxiaoboizz won

Our overall record was 2-2. And we got 9th place. And a team with a bye got into top 8. WHAT IS THIS CONSPIRACY!!?? LOL But yeah we were a bit sour over the fact that we did not get into top 8, and Lamby was emoing cause he made vital mistakes, but oh wells who doesn't? Our main target is still the Asia Plus Championship, which is taking place starting mid september, so I hope that we have a better showing there.

Thats all folk, stay tuned for our next post (No idea when)

Peace out!

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