Thursday, 29 November 2012

Top Shop 2012 + New Blog

Hi everyone, Et3rnalFlam3s here. I know it has been quite a while since there was a blog post up here (more than a month), due to our busy schedule. Lamby and me were busy with the start of our final semester in poly, zzxiaoboizz was busy taking his A levels, and Siryugiohalot was taking his year-end examinations. So ya, top shop 2012 is round the corner, and all four of us are qualified via either shop qualifiers or being selected as shop representatives. This time we wanna at least win something hahaha. (The mat is sexy) Anyway, lamby has set up a new blog with Sazabi and Awesomehazelnuts, and I doubt he will be updating any more in this blog. Eustace from team ygonoobs has also created a new blog, so do keep a lookout for updates there. Thats all for now, will update once again after the top shop as my exams are drawing near. Ciaos

Lamby's new blog =
Eustace's new blog =

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