Monday, 28 November 2011

Ranking Tournament Report @ Full-Yen 26/11/2011

This tourney happened over the weekend, and there were a total participant count of 20. The format is single-elimination.

Deck Used: Inzecter

20 ppl, means that 12 ppl got byes and 8 had to fight in the additional round. Unfortunately, I was one of those who had to fight in the additional round.

Round 1: VS Wen Liang (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: I opened with a raioh and slowly beat him down with it. After he got rid of the raioh, I dropped gorz. Subsequently Black Luster Soldier also came to join in the fun.

Game 2: This game went into time. He managed to push for more damage than me as I did not draw enough monsters.

Game 3: This game started in time, with him taking the last battle phase. After dealing a bit of damage, he went to do the librarian formula combo. But it was stopped by my bottomless traphole. He then continued to foolish burial a spore and attempted to trigger his eff but I responded with a debunk to stop him. Next came the most epic moment of the duel. I had a summon priest stuck in my hand, but if I managed to draw a spell, I would win. And wad did I draw???.... AN ALLURE!! I went off with priest's eff and brought out Armageddon knight, then exceeding into Inverse Roach to stop any potential play from him. The damage dealt by roach, and coupled by its effect, was enough to win me the match.


Round 2: VS Eugine (PACMAN)

Game 1: I was initially locked down by his Kaiser Colosseum, but I slowly let him kill my mobs, then use the inzecters to combo off and kill him.

Game 2: I opened with royal decree, locking all his traps, and when his only out to my decree was mst'ed, he promptly scooped.


Round 3: VS Sebas(Hero Beat)

Game 1: I opened with a relatively passive hand, and after a couple of turns I dropped gorz, but it was destoryed by mirror force due to me being greedy. In the end I was killed because he reborn my gorz when I was at 2600LP

Game 2: After going back and forth, he overextended into an alius and a roach, as he knew I had BLS from my pot of duality. However, I otk'ed him using inzecters to get rid of his monsters, as well as BLS to deal the finishing blow.

Game 3: I was initially leading, but I eventually lost all control due to his super-poly on my hope..... And thus I died to shining :(


As this is a single-eli tourney, I got knocked-out after the 3rd round. Congratz to dylan for finally winning a tourney. :D

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