Monday, 28 November 2011

Intro and Double Ranking tourney report

Hi guys ,i am Yingjun also known as SirYugiohAlot in Forum.this blog is created by members of Team Insane Tech but for some reason, i'm in it too.Anyway, to start of with my first post,i will write about my Tournament report in Yew Tee

Deck used: TG Agent angel
Match 1 vs ???? ????
Game 1 : First turn earth and pot to get wad i need for an otk.venus,phoenix and 2x hyperion = gg for him 
Game 2 : Stored for a few turn with 2 gantatsu and royal decree to lock down his traps before going for the kill with 1 hyperion and 1 kristya.

Result : OO

Match 2 vs Wesley Junk doppel
Game 1 : Started with a good hand but did not set my torrential tribute as i was scare of losting it to his ryko if he will to set it and died to his stunt the next time
Game 2 : had everything i needed after storing for a awhile rushed him
Game 3 : Time was called with me having the upper hand .he tried to rush me with plants and friends after me dropping my maxx c on his lonefire's activation of effect.draw gorz and hyperion from maxx c before he trishula me.the judge told us that i get to draw first before trishula eff goes off and i drawed a orange light. orange light - ed  his trishula and he could not fight back
Result : XOO

Match 3 vs John(correct me if i'm wrong) infernity 
Game 1 : he started off with lavalval chain and friends's stunt to control me 
Game 2 : Controled him with trap dust shoot , royal decree and veiler before i trishula him
Game 3 : Controled him with decree ,hyperion and trishula.then wesley and some guys joke about him top drawing infernity archfiend.and unfortunately,it happened on me. T_T Emozzz

Result : XOX

Match 4 vs Sebastian jeff 's Hero Beat 
played just to get 1 more tournament pack but no TP03 .... zzz
Game 1 : bad hand and rushed by his heros
Game 2 : stored and rushed him
Game 3 : Worst hand i have ever get.2 decree 1 gorze 1 mind control and 1 ball zzzz 

Result : XOX

Placing : 4 

Another Ranking Tourney @ jcube 27/11/11
Deck used : TG A A 
Match 1 : ChickenNoodle Karakuri
Game 1 : dark hole his ninja and Buriel but could not fight back after losing 1 hyperion and BLS to his bottomless and judgement
game 2 : both of us did nothing for quite awhile.then get beaten down by cyber draw as i have a full hand of floaters.  

Result : XX

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