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Hello peoples, my first post on the blog, so am gonna start with the most recent happenings in my ygohood which is~~~ tourney reports!!!........k. Before that, just to introduce myself for those who do not know me, i'm Wesley, or Lamby for those who knew me when I was mapledicted. Been playing ygo since 2004, took a break in 2006 and just recently returned to the game last December. Possible creds I have so as to make myself sound at least a bit more believable include random ranking qualifier wins and if anyone bothers tracing, a top8 at the 2006 ygo event(asia or worlds, not sure) at Suntec City organized by WJJ. Without further ado, heres the report(s)

Yew Tee SG Qualifier 26/11/2011

Deck Used: Junk Doppel

20 participants

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: Me vs ??(Frognarch)
Game 1: He started with a set monster. Summoned trooper and milled dandy and bulb off it, but in my attempt to bring back the bulb for a quick draw he banished it with his maindeck d.d. crow. Hit into his dupe frog and ended after set. He summoned raiza and i flushed, basically slowly going up in advantage. He tried to get a search of another dupe frog by econ-ing it away to steal my monster, but judge ruled that it misses the timing thus went downhill fromt here for him as Trishula is a good card against frogs the following turn.

Game 2: Similar scenario as above when i foolished for bulb he crowed it again when I tried to revive it. Apparently he could not get his swap frogs and had to resort to tributing ronintoadin and dupes for monarchs, which ended up being negated by sided fiendish chains. When he did get his treeborn engine going i was already up in advantage and no battle fader could save him.

Round 3: Me vs Ying Jun(TGAA)
Game 1: He started first , set monster and end. I opened godlike nuts with one for one dandy debris. Tried going trishula to bait out orange light so i could safetly resolve my librarian+formula but apparently his hand sucked hard and there was no response, thus removing his fd sangan and then synchro spam for quick game, though a Hyperion almost let him gain back some advantage.

Game 2: Not sure how it began but i do know that he was able to out advantage me very quickly with the usual agent manouveres, while i had to do nothing with a slow farming had of multiple trooper and ryko. Managed to fight back with a catastor a believe but Hyperion unopposed wins it.

Game 3: We started almost into time. I set torrential and ended. On his turn he went venus gachi on me, i decided no to flush as i had a trago to capitalize, which i dropped the moment he hit with venus. Sad to say time was called upon the start of my turn and thus my slow starting hand was sub optimal. ended up killing his venus, he drop trago then summon trooper to mill crap. Epic misplay here cost me the match, whereby I should have just set the trooper and not hope for lucky mills as I had sorcerer in hand. The lack of life points on my last battlephase( 4100 to 6000) resulted in me having to push for game through a maxx cc that he dropped. The idea was to go trishula + splendid rose for exact game, but he drew into orange light off maxx cc for the trishula, reuslting in me having to go brionac and bouncing gachi, hit for 2300 where he promptly dropped gorz and i knew my day was done.

Fun day nonethless, watching Infernity do well, Ying Jun dying to topdeck Archfiend in the process. Congrats to Dylan for taking it with samurai though. My ranking points steadily dropping, and I question if the effort( and luck) involved in JunkDoppel was worth it against other more easily piloted meta decks like agents. On to the next report.

JCube Ranking Qualifier 27/11/2011

Deck Used: Junk Doppel

Participants: 16 i believe

Round 1: Me vs Bixuan(TGAA)
Game 1: Farmed with the usual milling while he tried to hit me multiple times with agents and balls, as maxx cc is good when ppl wanna go gachi. Turning point in the game was on the next turn when his trishula got veilered, and he tried to go for game with it and double hyperion. Needless to say the high amount of hand traps i play proved useful as i dropped a battle fader to save my ass. Next turn one for one, chaos sorc and junk into formula librarian won it.

Game 2: I drew average, he drew shit. Period. Was getting a shineball beatdown which he drew into two turns in a row therefore meaning i could farm in peace. Maxx cc his synchro play,and subsequently won with direct attacks from sorc and synchro monsters.

Round 2: Me vs Kenneth(Infernity)
He told me he didnt wanna get killed by me but from memory I havent beaten him once cos his topdecks are monstrous, which will be proven as follows.
Game 1: Both of us were off to a slow start, but he managed to do some minor infernity tricks to end up with a pretty decent board. Managed to reduce him to just one backrow after a successful trishula on his gachi and in grave archfiend, i had one left in hand but up in LP. He proceeds to top deck necromancer and make catastor with beetle killing the trish, and i draw into veiler the turn after. Then he proceeds to top deck archfiend, a turn later, and so we go to game 2.

Game 2: A little more one sided as I had the outs to his plays early on, such as maxx c when he tried to go off with an archfiend. I think he topdecked necromancer again but i had the chaos sorcerer which proceeded to beat him down for 3 turns.

Game 3: He began with sets to his backrow and monster zone, draw phase dustshooted my subpar hand of dandy foolish bulb maxx c and irrelevant stuff, in which he sent back the maxx c. After trying no to die to his topdecked archfiend combo due to lavalval chain, I managed to outplay his topdeck archfiend by making a brionac to bounce away his on field archfiend, leaving him with 2 archfiend in hand upon drawing next turn. He set an archfiend and ended, and i proceeded to blackrose his 2 backrow and archfiend the nextturn. The next turn he drew, normal summoned the other archfiend and became Yugi, revealing Monster Reborn off the top. Brought back archfiend, searched for good stuff, and i had no outs as i once again drew my veiler when he had alr mounted a comeback.

Overall an ok day as well, ranking points dropped a little again but much less so as both my opponents had substantial rankings too. Hoping to do better in the subsequent tournaments to come. Will still be keeping the JunkDoppel together as I love the deck too much, as well as alot of thought going into my current build. Have begun testing the likes of infernity, hero beat, pure agents(resigning to fate maybe), ninja, zombies and GB(!!!).

Thats all for today, and thanks for bearing with my atrociously long first post. Till next time.


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