Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Inzects are among us

Yes, this is an inzecter post, but first let me just express my love for the what i believe to be the best insect in the entire game of YGO. Say hi to Maxx "C". To the TCG players, Maxx"C" is probably a main deck staple in every deck already, thanks to how successful the Billy Brake plant template for 2 YCs in a row. In fact, Maxx"C" has seen being splashed in anything from the plant decks( or 4 plants with good cards deck), to even hero beat decks maining them. Thing is, I don't see how that is bad at all LOL. Every single deck special summons, heck flipping a Gravekeeper Spy in GK is a special summon. Maxx "C" allows you to prevent opponents from exploding off on you, or simply help you advance a draw phase, and we all know how important it is to draw cards in this game. Maxx "C" is the bane of many meta decks as of this point in the TCG, halting the tricks of Agents, Plants, Rabbit Dino(cos tcg likes to use rabbit multiple times with 200 dollar anime girls, and hardly do they main dfissure based on what the latest ycs reviewed), Karakuri, a, and the list goes on.

Coming back to the OCG meta, Maxx "C" is of course still useful against Agents, particularly so the TG Agent variant which has been destroying the meta. Junk Doppel is still present and it hurts the deck epicly too, along with the likes of Karakuri. It does amazing against Infernity too, helping you draw into your veiler/gorz/trago/battle fader!!, though using it at the wrong time in their synchro/xyz spam = deck out. However the negatives of Maxx "C" in the OCG are greater than that of in the TCG due to the simple fact that Dark World is still a constant threat and "C" doe shit against it here due to no usable out for it in the form of Maxx"C" on a tour guide. The rise in Inzects in the meta have increased the redundancy of Maxx "C", as all it may stop is a Damsel special summon, which makes no difference considering if he does special summon another Inzect off its eff he would just equip hornet to pop off something again. All this coupled with the anti grave hate of DFissure and Macrocosmos making their way into many sideboards, Maxx"C" is becoming rather redundant as of this point in time, looking at the general scope of the meta.

Do I still think the card is worth it to be main decked in the OCG? Definitely so if your deck is able to fit it, as I have mentioned, EVERY deck commonly used special summons. The fact that it is less useful now may warrant only a single copy mained, or none at all, but it should definitely be considered in the sideboard of every deck where it may be possibly relevant.

I digress, so on to the main point of today's post which is about Inzecters. Most of us already know what these little kamen rider lookalike Inzects do. Basically they are what Dragunities wanted to be but got shamed as they suck more than these Inzects. The Inzecters are amazing at field control thanks to Hornet + Damsel/Centibeet/Hornet, and also have the ability to synchro into some amazing synchro monsters such as Underground Arachnid and Locomotion R-Genex. Them all being level 3(except the Gigas), gives extremely easy access to Rank 3 XYZs too. Variants as of now are usually split between the Inzect Wind-Up and Pure Inzecters(which have been seen splashing BLS, why not right?), with the former being able to rob you of your hand lest you veiler/crow/maxx"c"(!!!) the combo. It does come with its inconsistencies of drawing multiple windup rats and hunters, thus not living up to the latter which has more consistency and all around better(yet still significantly autopilot) plays. I won't be posting a decklist of the Inzects as simply going to shriek enables you to see the deck flooding and topping everywhere.

Something I noticed while looking at the decklists on shriek as of 29th November update, is how some of the sideboards have been shaping up in the wake of countering the Inzecters.

Notice the decklist of the top 2 teams are all sideboarding 2/3 macrocosmos each. Macrocosmos itself shits on the entire game of YGO now simply due to the fact that it removes from play every card, not monster, card. period. What this means is that similar to difssure, no plant shennenigans, no hyperion popping your cards, no Grapha returning from the dead etc. What macrocosmos does that fissure could not do was remove xyz materials from play, with fissure allowing the materials to go to grave. Cosmos totally removes all cards thus not excluding xyz materials, so recycling the likes of plague and quilbolt for example while using a daigusta phoenix/gachi would not be possible. Common knowledge as it might be, this would lead up to the fact that macrocosmos, KILLS the Inzecter strategy. The most common and game winning play of equipping Damsel/Centibeet/Hornet with a Hornet to pop stuff would not be able to materialize as the hornet would be removed from play. With the increasing strength and popularity of Inzecters, decks such as Karakuri which had no problem sustaining Dfissure to begin with have opted to pack Macrocosmos in their sideboards instead to counter the inzecter threat. In a deck such as Karakuri whre your special summons being interrupted by veiler/maxx c would be an issue, cosmos serves to solve that problem too, providing a multi purpose one card out to alot of the deck's counters. From the above link, we can also see that decks with minor issues with Macrocosmos such as pure agents are also sideboarding it, simply due to the fact that as of now what macrocosmos can counter outweighs the setbacks an agent player might face when utilizing it. Agents are also able to side shadow mirrors with almost no setback at all, now allowing it to becoming an even greater sideboard staple for them to counter the likes of dark world and the Inzects

That's all for today, another long wall of text, but hopefully it has been helpful to whoever it may concern. On a side note, the blog would be more than just text in the weeks to come, as we have plans to do duel videos, deck profiles and possibly anything else to get our viewer count up and to provide useful and entertaining information for the YGO community. Cheers

Signing off

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