Thursday, 1 December 2011

More Anime Girls from Hell

The official Konami site has just released information on a new tcg exclusive set to be released in Order of Chaos TCG. Guess what, its the one and only probablygonnabegoddamnexpensiveandbrokeashellbutwewillonlygetinextrapack5maybe
TOUR BUS FROM THE UNDERWORLD. yes u saw it correctly. the anime tour guide had to have a transport no? of course it had to have one. The picture with blurred text is on the konami site now, so i guess thats one more broken ass card for the tcg to abuse and win YCSs with. God knows what effect it might have, probably something along the lines of "pay for me in a set of 3 and win big".

On the other hand it might be just some troll card that combos with Tour Guide from the Underworld.................nah its probably gonna be broken as derp.
Thats all for now,

Signing off

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  1. You may never know, maybe it has toatlly no link to tour guide? maybe this one summons light fairy from deck? Than say bye bye to BLS next banlist!