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Tournament Report/Review JCube 3/12/11 (Lengthy as hell)

Ok so this is my tournament report for the day, with the top prize being a Lavalval Chain once again, so therefore very attractive. Before I begin, I would like to give a shout out to fellow teammates/bloggers Ying Jun for top4ing with TGAA, and Wee Min for winning the whole damn thing with Inzecters(split top 2). No more need for my Lavalval Chain haha. I myself did pretty decent, and it was a very insightful day to say the least, as you would see from the report as follows. Bear in mind its gonna be extremely lengthy(as always), but hopefully it will provide a good read as I will be going in depth with regard to the matches, and the plays and siding process itself. Enjoy.

Number of participants : 27
4 rounds of swiss, cutting to a single eliminaiton top 8
Deck used: Junk Doppel( insanely teched out as usual). considered using both inzecters and ninja since i had both built and ready but no prior testing reuslted in me sticking to the classic.

Round 1: vs Alan (Rabbit Raggia)
Game 1: This game was largely sinplified after I had to use alot of resources to go through double Raggia. As it was the first game of the day details were a little hazy but I am pretty sure that he simply ran out of monsters while I simply poked him to death with small stuffs.

He sided extremely quickly without much consideration, which led me to assume it was the usual Dfissure side. Therefore I proceeded to counterside by removing cards such as CotlB, a trooper, avarice, a sorc, and dark armed. Put in MSTs, Trap stuns ,divine wrath,prisons and lava golem

Game 2: As expected, he opened Dfissure backed by raggia, while i opened triple mst and doppel uselessness. Managed to ryko away his raggia while killing off every single backrow he had but wasnt able to combat the 2nd raggia that he dropped. Had a dead trap stun sitting on the field the entire game as i realised i probably oversided my S/T hate. Died quickly enough.

As I would be going first, i sided out a prison and the trap stun for 2 chain disappearances which i did not draw the entire game.

Game 3: Most significant moment was when he mind controlled my tuner and went trishula on me, but it didnt really matter what he hit as i had a full hand with double trag and gorz. He hit a trag and went all in but i had the gorz. Literally rode the gorz to victory, but he dark holed and tried to make a comeback with rabbit but i had means to kill it while sitting on a divine wrath. He reborned the trishula and summoned a dino oto try and kill me but battle fader saves lives. Proceeded to drop the lava golem on him while he was at 400. GG

Round 2: vs Ying Jun (TGAA) conspiracy much~~~
Game 1: We both opened super passive, him with no agents, and me with nothing to push for damage. I ended up making a Chain Dragon to hit him for damage to pressure him early on, but mille him 2 agents in the process. He proceeded to rain Hyperions on me, but by then I had the resources to go both Catastor and Crimson Blader in a turn to wipe his board. got a plus 2 off of heavy storm too as his backrow want as chainable as mine. He got out BLS after struggling for abit and cleared both my monsters, while i dropped trago in response, leaving his attack mode sangan vulnerable. Considered bounicng away his backrow with brio but feared Gorz, so ended up making a simple junk into doppel into junkwarrior for exact game. He had gorz after all.

Sided in Lava Golem , chain dis and divine wrath, removing more situational and deathbykrystia cards like DAD a sorc and a trooper.

Game 2: He got his agent engine rolling, but i maxx c'ed his venus, and dropped a trag to force him to go trishula which still net me a plus overall. He attempted to kill me again next turn with a rush backed by krystia but ryko spoiled his plans as i dropped fader.Made catastor and colossal to wipe his board, but he made a comback with creature swap and tg stuffs. Would have gone to game 3 if he didnt misplay his move with the swap but then it ended up with me just beating him down with synchros.

With two more swiss rounds left to go i only needed one more win to secure a top, so i was quite optimistic about my chances.

Round 3: vs Vishal (Mirror match)
Game 1: We both knew what the other was playing as we had discussed our decks before the tournament. Personally i enjoy the doppel mirro match so was hoping for it to be a good one.
He starts with librarian drill warrior shennenigans and ends. I proceed to trishula his librarian away but it was all for nought as next turn he dropped dark armed drill warrior nitro warrior for game. Had opened with no protection.

Sided usual plant hate of chain dis, divine wrath, crows and lava golem

Game 2: He had a pretty decent hand again with boss monsters hitting me. Both splendid rose and brionac put in work here. He got me quite low on lp but I nulled his assault with hand traps, and subsequently hit him twice with an android for game.

Did not side as I felt it wasnt required and we were heading into time.

Game 3: This one was epic. He made a small push early game leaving me very low on lp. I lava golemed, then forced the game into a state whereby his only out was dark hole as i had just slaughtered his monster with crimson blader, and i had splendid rose out too ready to take game next turn. Of course, jinxed the card, he dark holed me next turn leaving both of us empty but he had avarice. i was down to 800 and he was at 4000iish but we both had nothing left. he tried to rush me with small monsters but i blocked with scapegoat. He blackrosed my field but before he could make a move i looked at his grave and crowed away his only light target. tunrs out he really did have both bls and sorc in hand. Nevertheless with both of us at no usable resource, he tops a doppelwarrior and hits me for exact game at 800.

Was a tad bit discouraged after losing like that, but thinking of it objectively now he had too many things to draw into to kill me so i guess it didnt matter. Good game is good, felt that the loss didnt attribute from misplays but rather that he outplayed me.

Round 4: Stark (Mirror match again~~)
Game 1: I get owned in quick fashion, no explanation required. He opened everything while i opened nothing.

Sided in similar ways to the previous match

Game 2: Usual junk doppel mirror stuff, back and forth trying to gain advantage. I try to seal it with crimson blader killing his lyla but he veilers, citing boss monster in hand which he eventuall reveals to be BLS. Didnt matter though as i had the outs in splendid rose and some other synchro for game.

Didnt side anything else as i felt it wasnt required again, which proved to be a fault of mine, or more so just the luck of the draw.

Game 3: Most ppl at the tournament watching would remmeber this game. Epic is epic. He goes lonefire into dandy i let it go. reborns lonefire i let it go. Tributes dandy for lonefire effect and i chain maxx c, getting an instant plus right there. He hit sme and i drop a huge trag, with outs to everything he might do in hand, comprising of cros divine wrth chain dis and protection. I made trishula next turn clearing his backrow and some other stuff, leaving his bulb in gravre for me to crow. Sure enough i crowed his bulb, he reborns my spore i chain dis, thus removing his from deck too. Forgot to mention i removed his third dark with trish but he trooper milled exactly one more dakr again for him to drop DAD. fine, so i took contro l next turn with the usual splendid rose and blader. Once again it was the dark hole or win situaiton. And yes, he dark holed me T_T. I was still drastically up in card advantage but only at 700 lps too his 3600. Ryko kille dhis vanity fiend and i blocked his trooper with fader. Next turn mind controla nd sync into android hit direct for 2400. with nothing, he draws and sets. i draw doppelwarrior and hope he set the crow he searched earlier. hit it and it was ryko, killing android. he drew and set again, i drew mst, which didnt help, so i hit with doppel into another ryko. at this point he had 3 cards left ind eck which he later revealed to be warning among others, while i had many outs left. he proceeds to draw the only monster(tomato) left in his deck and hit me for game. Oh well, yugioh for you.

Good game still though, tough match but he outdrew me in the end. Didnt top with a 2-2 record, was visibly disappointed as i had to go home with nothing after being only a mystic tomato away. Hopefully i do better next time, that is now i have to focus on upcoming exams therefore next time might be sometime not so soon haha.

After thoughts: Crimson blader put in work today, though i had contemplated summoning stardust many times over it, but the pros of blader did definitely outweigh the one out of dark hole most of the time, so i guess it wasnt totally a bad choice. In the main, double maxx c put in work, as well as the fader, trago etc. Its like im inclining myself to make ultimatebossmonster.dek with all this hand trap. Might explore more chaos oriented routes of plant decks in future. Main issue todayw as the side, as i felt that i could have sided some better stuff. Definitely removing the chimeratech as i never really had problems with machine s as a whole, and trap stun didnt do a thing for me either. Might add in Kycoos instead as they help alot in the inzecter and meta deck match ups. The thing with siding in more monsters is that it would significantly slow down my pace which can be risky, well any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I actually did mention before that junkdoppel isnt as rewarding as it was before, and some might call me a hypocrite for reporting on it with such a passion but i simply cannot get enough of this deck, takes a heck load of skill and thinking to win with it now and i guess thats what draws me to it, god knows how many brain cells of mine have died trying to out think a simple summon venus pay 1000 or bounce for grapha LOL.

All in all, i havent given up on the dekc this format yet and most likely would be reporting my progress with it in future tournaments.

PS: Just an addition, tested both my inzecter and ninja in casual play today. Ninja are suprisingly fun beyond fun, but its mad pluses are for naught if you dont game them asap, as they dont have much to combat big plays made by the opponent save super trans which doesnt go off as often as i had liked. Inzecter do what they do, auto pilot to the win. topdeckk a damsel won me a game where i was sure to lose otherwise, plus 4 instantaneously. What made me like the deck a tad bit today was the simply fact that i can use duality and still generate advantage easily on the same turn, something alot of meta decks (like agents) cannot do due to the requirement to special summon.

Coming tot he end of this lengthy post now, once again would like to congratulate my team mates for winning and topping, hope to regain some success myself in future.

Signing off

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