Saturday, 24 December 2011

Another tournament report, bear with me

First and foremost, the duel videos that were filmed are being processed by weemin and should be uploaded soon. Also, I promise to post some other interesting stuff aside from tourney report after tourney report, but for now with my schedule this is the easiest thing i can do as it doesnt require much prep. On that note, I have been testing a few rather interesting and semi/possibly even fully competitive deck builds which I would be reviewing on the blog soon. Look forward to some of those on the 26th, boxing day as some of you might refer to it as, so that would be my present to you all i guess. On to the report, uncharacteristically shorter and less detailed than usual~

Kit Shop (Ani-Play) Mini Tourney 23/12/2011
No.of participants : 20+
Deck used : JunkDoppel (cause its my best version to date, and cause its just my love)

Round 1: vs Wei Ann (Infernity)
Game 1: Both of us opened mediocre, he tried to go for his archfiend play but i veilered. He told me if he had his laval chain with him things would be different but i had another veiler so yea maybe not.

Game 2: Major misplay which cost me the duel, didnt know i can accel sync with formula on his turn to bypass his roach negation, so i just left fodder there for him to kill and died then after.

Game 3: It was along the lines of making timely plays, having answers to his backrow, and him misplaying with infernity break when i had kycoo out on the field.

Round 2: vs Zexuan (Six Samurai)
Game 1: Rather routine game, he had the backrow i had the synchro/ play for it. He ran out of defence and though i wasnt sure if he had double edged down, pretty much made sure everything useful was removed from play and won it soon after. Maxx C was huge here in allowing me to gain resources.

Game 2: Close game. He opened with difissure and mass backrow. Ironically it didnt affect me much as i opened nothing too grave reliant(sided out a ton). We traded one for ones till i was able to clear all 4 of his backrow in one turn but was left with a catastor to his one grandmaster. Both stalled for multiple turns till i lava golem him backed with protection and he scooped.

Round 3: vs Ying Jun (Mirror)
Game 1: Basically just minor tech differences in the main. Lost game 1 after struggling a ton as he was able to mill spore bulb dandy in 2 consecutive turns. Reduced the disadvantage to a minimum but i knew it was over when he used PoA.

Game 2: Won in time as i had scapegoats, backed with call fo the haunted and stuffs. Defended like a dog .

Game 3: Started in time, his hand was very slow paced as I believe side decking error occurred. Just pushed with everything and he couldnt recover.

Top 8: vs Ying Jun (Mirror)
Game 1/2: Similar to the above. Traded maxx c's, synchro plays etc. I think crimson blader got veilered but i still killed his monster, making him take an early neg 2. Game 2 came out firing from the get go and again he sided a little inappropriately leaving his hand to be a relatively slow one. Being new to the deck hurt him a little but nonetheless well played.

Top 4: vs James (X Saber)
Game 1: Simply put, he tried to push through maxx c and failed. won there after.

Game 2: Don't try to push through maxx c, you probably will fail and get killed by hand size of 10.

Top 2: supposedly vs Shaun(machina gadgets) but i just split with him as he wanted the kizan and my intention from the beginning was the dragunity deck.

Good few weeks with this deck build, well in any case am really tired and have a long day of christmas!!! later, signing off now. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas =)


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  1. You cant bypass roach wif formula...accel is the same as synchro summoning, just that its done during opponent's turn, the synchro is not summoned by formula's effect, only the sending materials for synchro is done by formula effect...