Saturday, 31 December 2011

Tourney At Kit's Shop 30/12/11

Deck Used : Agent Inzecter

Round 1 : Vs Kitty/Anthony Chien(Dragons)
Game 1 : He ended his turn wif a KM Drago but i orange light him.drew into insect imitation wif venus in hand.paid for 3 ball and imitation it into a hornet and wack wif both hornet and venus.he summoned REDMD by banishing a dragon he summon then reborning his Km drago wif REDMD eff ,i had nothing in response.i stalled for the next few turn as i cause not do anything because of my hand having only light monsters and nothing effort paid off and i drew my Damsel.bomb everything and went for game wif BLS and friends.

Game 2 : He rushed me wif 2 REDMD,a Km Drago and a Prime Material Dragon but i jumped gorz.Suicided my Rai-oh into his Drago.then Jumped BLS.Banished his Prime Material and Ended thinking he had nothing to overpower my BLS.he used delta fly to synchro wif a lv 3 monster into brionace bouncing my BLS and gamed me

Game 3 : Starting my inzecter plays wif no interruption from him.Bombed both his back row which turn out to be a bottomless(which he cannot activates as i summoned damsel) and prison.Started to control from there and gamed him Shortly

Round 2 : Yew Lai Kok /Shaun Lin
Game 1 : He start wif the venus and imitation play.summon earth and ended and i have quite a weak hand.bomb his monsters and stuff a few turns later but then reborning his banish venus to make a damsel got veiler the following turn and it was over not long after.

Game 2 : started wif a relatively good hand.he did nothing for a few turn so i decided to rush him.

Game 3 : He did the venus and imitation play again.bombed his gantetsu wif damsel and centipede.exceeded into revise dragon to wack his gantetsu and ended.he rushed me wif hyperion and Inzecters did not had a gorz so i just die

Round  3 vs lowyu? ( Quickdraw)
Game 1 : he started first setting a monster,i did the venus and imitation play and wack his face down which turned out to be a ryko.he set his ryko again but was destoryed by my damsel and rushed him wif hyperion and the Inzecters

Game 2 : he started again wif a slow set up so i used my earth and wack his bulb.set a torrential.he dump dandylion wif quickdraw and used bulb eff then jumped doppel and eat my torrential giving him a - 3.Gamed him shortly after that

Round 4 : vs Pohseng (GK)
OXO (Shared but we just played to see who go up)

----------- Top 8-----------
Match 1 : Wesley again... (Inzecters)
Game 1 : Rushed him after stalling for a few game as i could not afford to let his stunt goes off

Game 2 : Died to his Inzecters Bombing

Game 3 : Same as game 2

Match 2 : Bixuan (TG AgentAngel)
Game 1 : Mistake of not trying to get rid of his earth so i got trishula and died

Game 2 : He had bad hand so i slowing poke for game

Game 3 : Trapdust Shoot his seeing no sight of Gorz or Tragoedia so i went for the kill

Match 3 : Banana
Did not played it out as he was kind enough to let me have wad i want

Final Standing : 5th/6th

Found myself a playset of insect imitation after digging at a card shop so i decided to play Inzecter AA.the deck was a little inconsistent but nonetheless was pretty strong as it has many odds to topdraw.
On the Side note,Mr .Wee Min lost his Dark World deck after playing wif it that is in a yellow deck if anyone of u will to find it,pls kindly do drop us a PM .Thx
And wish u all readers a Happy New Year

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