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Happy New Year, + discussions(Inzecter Indepth)

Hello~, first and foremost, happy new year to all our readers, wishing all of you a great year ahead. Before i begin, I'm going to address why I did not follow up on the deck profile i promised to provide you all with about a week back. That deck itself was supposed to be NordicAgents, abusing black goat special summoning with venus and balls, kinda like tgaa but more situational. I mean the idea of Thor + gachi sounds neat enough, but as a whole I had come to the conclusion that anything that epic fails against inzecter(and variants) would not be something people would wanna read about. Therefore, no deck profile.....

On to what I wanna discuss today, would be my personal experience using the inzecter archtype. Having expressed my deep hatred for such "autopiloting" earlier on, I found myself being drawn into the fact that if I could succeed with inzecter in a field comprising of basically inzecter, it would be sort of an achievement. With that in mind, I sucked up my hatred for the deck and spent a few days trying to make a build which would get my setup, well set up, as consistently as possible. Taking ideas from friends and shriek, i managed to come up with a beta build of how i wanted my inzecters to be like. Competed in 2 tournaments on the local level this past few days and below are some of my thoughts on the deck from my point of view. On tht note, do leave a comment on how you feel about inzecter, it can be anything from your success with it, possible variations, how you would effeciently play the deck etc.

In summary of my experiences.....

I was able to play against a myriad of decks this past few days with my build of inzecter, matchups including agents/variants, plants/variants, dragons, karakuri, samurai, mirrors etc, as such I would say that it has been a rather diverse time of testing thus providing me with some solid conclusions.

Firstly, I truly believe that, aside from the dirty handrape loop, Inzecter should always strive to establish their hornet + damsel set up asap. This proves to be true especially in the mirror, whereby whoever can successfully get their combo off first is more likely to win. Kinda contradictory to how teledad was whereby going for the kill without succeeding = losing. It is fairly hard to stop an inzecter combo which has already begun as not only do they plus madly, it continues on to the next turn and with the knowledge of the damsel/hornet and possibly even a gigmantis!!! already in your opponent's hand, there is little you can do save a trishula(providing you still have the resources). Even against other matchups, I find myself only winning with ease if the hornet + damsel combo goes uninterrupted. The end result usually being a rank 3 xyz or damsel + centipede on field depending on matchup is extremely intimidating to the opponent in the event that they are not fully able to retaliate next turn. Even with that in mind, there is always the threat of another inzecter in hand, usually known due to being searched via centipede. This should clear up any doubt regarding the fact that hornet set up = must be done asap in any inzecter variants.

Another key thing I have noticed is that majority of the time my opponents would do anything in their means to get rid of my inzecter summon. Be it warning,judgment,bottomless, it is pretty clear that not activating any of these when you have only one window of opportunity to activate it is pretty foolish. Having said that, the more profficient players I have played with end up using compulsory on my summmon, or pwwb my hornet away. In such situations there is not much else an inzecter player can do, which brings me to my next point of the fall back plan. When placed in such a situation whereby your setup is messed up or set back a turn, being able to pull some trick out of your ass( via CotH mostly), and successfully resolving it usually means game. Many a time I have found my summons getting warninged, bth etc and my opponent has this look of accomplishment on their face, then you flip over the CotH.....yea you get the idea. The post has been rather messy so far, as alot of this is coming from pure memory and might not be properly organized, but if you were to grasp one thing from everything that has been said about what I feel inzecter need to have to win consistently,..... it would be the ability to start their autopilot loops multiple times in a turn.

With that being said, I have found great love in mystic tomato in the deck as well, as it allows you to pull out an inzecter rather unsuspectedly(sp?). Many wins that occur as early as 3 turns into the game attribute to the fact that opponents have carelessly destroyed my tomato for me to call out a damsel to the field. The result is that particular damsel getting veilered/fiendishchained on my turn, only for me to summon another to proceed with the autopiloting. Hopefully this above example gets my point across as to what I mean by "multiple times a turn". I believe its what the successful inzecters over here/ in japan or wherever are able to do with their builds and all, but I feel as of right now it still isnt up to par whereby wins are still very based on luck if you do not have a backup for your setup failure. On that note, please do comment on what your thoughts are on the above, any suggestions for ways to improve the decks consistency would be more than helpful.

Ok on to the next point. Probably more of a preference than a fact, but I believe that the only ever thing you should be Normal Summoning in an inzecter deck( again disregarding dirty handraping decks), should be the inzecter monsters themselves and anything that helps you setup. This list would range from the obvious hornet/damsel/centipede, to the optional setup cards of tomato/armageddon/(insert more). For utmost consistency in setting up and establishing the hornet + damsel(or centipede), I feel that any other normal summon not in the above list serves to slow the deck down. Why am I bringing up this point? Largely due to the amount of random TKRO hovering around(notice what i did there =P) as everyone wants to splash BigLongSword into their decks. Before i get destroyed by the online flames, in no way am i saying TKRO is bad, or that people using them in inzecter or anywhere else is wrong. TKRO is a goddamn good card, as can be seen from ycs plants aka billybrake.dek and many side/mained copies worldwide. Now am I a hypocrite? hopefully not, but the point to stress is that in a deck such a inzecter where your basic win condition bar almost none is to normal summon your inzect and destroy the world........why would you wanna waste it on summoning TKRO? Its is without a doubt a good control card, and there is also nothing wrong with wanting to splash BigLongSword into everything, but I feel that in inzecter TKRO is better of sided card against particular matchups. With the point of the archtype as of now to be gaining massive pluses off hornet plays, I truly do not see the worth of main decking TKRO simply to establish some form of control when you can simply quicken your setup a notch by playing other cards. Besides, with inzecter running around everywhere TKRO is not even good in the mirrors save PoD mostly. As much as I would like everyone to believe what I'm saying, it's pretty farfetched as many topping decklists on shriek are all maining i said at the top of this paragraph, it is largely my opinion, but I find it a little hard to believe not many others see it the same way. Maybe, just maybe, the better deck innovators out there would be able to find a replacement, suitable, good light monster for inzecter to splash BLS, but for now what I went with for this past few days was maindecking copies of cyber dragon. Many duelists side cyber dragon, for the machinna/gadget/karakuri/randommechanicalchaserdek and for antimeta to run over 1900 beaters, as well as to bait out backrow rather effeciently. The latter is why I chose to play the Cydras in the main, as inzecters once unopposed during their combo(as we all should have painfully experienced), are prety much godlike. Cydra serves as one card outs to opposing TKRO, bottomless, possibly warning etc. The most important part, it doesnt waste your precious one normal summon, which I would like to restress inmyhumblehopefullybelieveable opinion, should only be reserved for the inzecter or their setup cards. Food for thought? hopefully it is, comment on this too please =)

Last but not least, are just some random, less crucial findings i have had with deck.
- The mirror match is scary. Whoever is able to open with the faster setup usually wins bar misplays( kinda hard to misplay imho).
- Book of Moon is now staple again, not that it ever stopped being one, but now its kinda one of those"no excuse play it or else" cards. Inzecter main decree or trap stun occasionally, and book is your one out bar veiler or orange ball of light. Main it.
- Musakani Magatama negates only the hornet eff, so your damsel/centipede still goes off. Its common sense really but I got so engrossed into the game once and didnt realise it. Just a note.
- AgentInzecter is a good variant of the deck. Kinda like what TG did for agents but now instead of striker plus venus = trishula, but insect imitation + venus = gachi + rank3 + hornet in grave, which is good as it contributes to my whole rant of faster setup. The deck according to friends though still suffers from the usual bad hands comprising of mxing muliple themes.
- Lastly, I am dead bored with the deck. As of now it has only one goal. It wins off that one goal, and does it in a fashion that makes both players feel shitty.

In conclusion, everything above is what I feel and learned from the time I spent playing with the deck. I would suggest you try it out, if you plan on winning shitloads, or simply wanna know how the deck functions(not like it isnt obvious though). Consistency and luck reliance issues aside, Konami has dealt us a monstrous hand that gives the royal flush a reason to stay in the cubical and away from the money. I am far from done with the deck, as being the perfectionist I am its pretty much get it to its best or die(not really) trying. Tournament at Kit Shop tomorrow(everyone in Singapore should visit his new shop, shamelessly advertising for no benefit at all but seriously to me its one of the if not the best environments currently available for us Singaporeans to play at), might be trying my hand at inzecter again, or ending my holiday off with some fun with doppelove, we'll see. Once again, would greatly appreciate any comments, insight, hopefully no flames, and hope to see all of you soon.

Cheers =)

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  1. There is an idea:
    (if got hornet,imitation and striker on your hand and opp got monsters)
    SP Striker
    T.G striker + imitation = Damsel
    Damsel + Hornet = bomb
    sp Centipete
    Centipete + hornet = Bomb again?
    Add Damsel
    Have not normal summon:
    Damsel + Hornet = bomb
    sp Centipete
    Centipede + Hornet = Bomb again?
    Add Damsel

    From Yk
    (due to looking at Zexuan post on Agentzector and reading some comment on an anon abt adding T.G engine into Agentzector)