Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Double tournament report + Updates

So as you might have noticed its been a few weeks since my last post. Well, reason being would be that my exams took place not too long ago, and for the past 2 weeks my house has been under renovation, giving me little to no access to my internet at all. Ok now on to the good stuff. Double tournament report to make up for my short absence, also before I forget, weemin pohseng and yingjun should be filming duel videos for the blog today, so hopefully we get some more interesting content on. Expect to see the likes of TGAA, Inzecters, JunkDoppel, WindUp and a few other decks which I have no idea if they are planning to film or not. Where would I be amidst this filming? Watching paint dry of course. (Literally). Ok here are the reports, a few days overdue so pardon if details are fuzzy.

Used JunkDoppel again for both tournaments, with only 1 card difference in the side. Made a whopping 8 card change to the overal deck and i must say it was worth every thought put into it.

Full-Yen ranking tournament 17/12/2011
No.of Participants: 20+
Single elimination format

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: vs Dylan (TGAA)
Game 1: He dustshooted me but couldnt capitalize. Overextension on his part gave me room to gain back advantage and a timely crimsonblader chopped his balls into the next game.

Game 2: He dustshooted me again and could capitalize. I was able to bait out his stirker venus play early and he played right into maxx c. Decided to go ahead and trishula me but i had already gained too much card advantage. He used honest early on too so when he failed to kill me with hyperion i went trishula + BLS + Leeching the Light. GG

Round 3: vs Weiheng (DarkWorld)
Game 1: Grapha beatdown. Nuff said

Game 2: kycoo is good, and removed all his dw in grave.

Game 3: He flipped rivalry and skilldrain on my sorry ass but there wasnt a discard outlet available to him so i just beat him with a sorcerer and kycoo.

Round 4: vs Gymnast dude (SixSamurai)
Game 1: Turn 2 BLS + Armory Arm

Game 2: Left Maxx C in the deck but having not fought with samurai in such a long time I forgot about the dfissure threat. sure enough i opened double maxx c while he went first and spammed with dfissure out. GG

Game 3: Apparently I won with Cyber Dragon beatdown. After the match someone told me that he opened with triple dfssure.

Finals: vs Dennis (Chain Burn)
Game 1: Had some success with this deck myself so I sort of knew how to play around it. I avoided overextending and kept making small pushes as eating secretbarrel hurts so much less than just desserts with ojama. Couldnt quite get in there with enough damage and died to burn.

Game 2: Blackrose his entire field and he couldnt comback. No fear of starlight road there.

Game 3: Went into time. misplay right there which cost me the match. I hit him with a trooper and dandy while i could have gone for a ton lot more damage, but the idea was to not commit too much to the board, and out of fear of magic cylinder/dimension wall. The idea was good though, as I was able to make an android and end, while reducing my reosurces to the bare minimum so I had less stuff for him to burn me with. Unfortunately, or rather theoretically, if i played 2 BRD in my extra i would have won(but hardly anyone does that now), I used my only BRD on his 4 backrow to force him to chain them, but they ended up being 4draw power cards. I lost out in the end by 500 points of damage.

Got 2nd place overal and got a twin photon lizard from my packs.......

2nd Report

Kit Shop weekly tournament 18/12/2011
No. of Participants: 23
4Swiss rouds with a top 8 cut, single elimination thenforth

Round 1: vs Albert (JunkDoppel)
Game 1: He made his push, I dropped battle fader to null his overextension and synchro spammed all the way to vocitory the following turn.

Game 2: Once again tried to kill me while under Maxx C. He failed to do so and I wrecked his board with crimsonblader and pals thanks to a huge handsize.

Round 2: vs Guy (Inzecter)
Game 1 : I controlled his board, and used a timely PWWB to send his hornet topdeck and wrecked with BLS.

Game 2: Sided a whole bunch, drew none and due to what I sided out it made the deck more inconsistent and i lost to standard inzecter plays.

Game 3: He opened double hornet, I crowed one and PWWB the second one away. Tried to control me with DAD but this time i drew into my sides and was able to mount a comeback with some insane tech lol.

Round 3: vs Jeff (Hero Beat)
Game 1: He opened more monsters than a hero beat should. Was able to bait out his veiler and then mind controlled alius into trishula leaving him on top deck. He topdecks duality into gorz styming me for abit as i had only trishula and a backrow. Stalled for a few turns, made formula and drew into BLS =.=. Alls fair now lol.

Game 2: Remebered this one rather clearly as it was too close. He was up in advantage early on but i was able to make a small comeback. Stalemate for a long time as we both drew for like 5 turns just passing. I hit with trooper he prisons. Hit with catastor he sparks, i chain safezone on catastor he judgments. Tries to kill me with alius plus shining but i chain mst and PWWB to his alius attack declaration and drop gorz. Made Stardust and went for game but he super polyed my gorz into escuridao, styming me again. I blocked for awhile and was sure he had no more real backrow save mirror force so i summoned debris which he veilered, then mind controlled escuridao and hit direct with debris for game.

Round 4: vs Shaun (Chaos BF)
Game 1: I opened crap and he had control with rai-oh. I got rid of the raioh by ramming trooper into it and from there it seemd his hand wasnt so good either. splendid rose into trishula with plant stunts won it.

Game 2: He opened similarly with a rai-oh again. this time I opened a little better so was able to bait out most of his cards. His duality revealed nothing much twice and wasnt able to stop me from synchro spamming.

Was glad to go undefeated in swiss, for the first time in a long time, but then over here we call it a "full-win curse". yea...

Top 8: vs Sinlong (Offering Gadgets)
Game 1: Gadgets gain advantage lke Gadgets do, and I have had nightmares of offering into gadget spam since i previously got massacred by double chaos hope ray. Probably was what caused me the match as I rushed my play to prevent his xyz spam and died when he dropped a trago to stymy my push. Maxx c was relatively useless here.

Game 2: Opened the worse I had the whole tournament, think double doppel mst and cards that do not synergies much. He made life easier by crushshooting my already sad hand, and i lost easily.
XX ( i truly lack experience playing against this deck, half the time i was under the impression that i kill him asap or die next turn)

Bottom 4: vs Vishal (Evol)
Game 1: I swear going into this I had no idea wtf these guys do but make Laggia. He proceeded to whip out his fulhlemknightesque lizards on my ass but i veilered them all.......Except one and he made laggia on me. Fought back by baiting the negation, and suprisingly hithim with iron chain dragon 3 times in a row, milling most of his remaining monsters and double warning away lol. He couldnt recover.

Game 2: I sided in a whole bunch again, and it did help but he was able to summon hydrogeddons , fulhelmlizard every consecutive turn to the point whereby i wasnt able to make many plays and ended up turtling till death. Misplay even before the game started, I assumed he would side in dfissure but apparently he didnt, so that sorta affected siding.

Game 3: I hit with lyla into his gravekeeperspylizard, so i set torrential and veiler in hand, knowing if i survived the turn i could win. he made laggia which i let go, summoned more lizards and i torrentialled, he negated i chain veiler, plus from there. next turn did librarian formula(in honesty i dont do this much as it isnt as rewarding anymore, but hey we were in time so i said fuck it). He wasnt able to duality into anything useful and i won with more lifepoints. Props to vishal for innovating such a badass deck, scary as shit to play against.

I split 5/6th place with Baha as he wanted the laggia and I took the number 17, which i knew vishal wanted so i traded it with him for a hobby league mst(so shiny~).

Happy with my results this weekend, changes to the deck really worked well against the myriad of decks I played against. Best of all was that I was able to represent a deck that is so much less rewarding than it used to be, and do decent with it. Thats all for now, will post again if something interesting pops up, till then, look forward to our duel videos.


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