Friday, 16 December 2011

Ranking Tourney Report at Kit 's Shop 15/12/11

Deck Used :TG-Agent Angel

Match 1 : vs Zhi Long (GB)
Game 1 : Got controlled by his chariot loop.Stall for a few turns.Then Drew heavy storm,followed by a Top-Decked BLS clearing all his monsters,just chop all his mod the following turns which gamed him
Game 2 : Struggled wif his Double Rai-oh then drew Dark Hole clearing both his GBs but him Reborn-ed his Rai-oh leaving me vulnerable after luring it wif my only hyperion.did not have the luck to top draw BLS again and soon died to his Chariot loop
Game 3 :End phase Decree locking down 3 of his backrow,then proceed to OTK wif Double Hyperion and Trishula  

Match 2 : Shuan Lin/Shuanewbiez 
Game 1 : Double Dragged down plus Mind Crush dumping my 2 hyperion.He did his stunt which at end phase leaving him wif 3 Grapha and 4 backrow and me having 3 cards in hand.thr was nothing i could have did since my hyperion are in grave so i scooped.
Game 2 : He tried to gamble wif Card D but nothing good came (i think).end phase decree-ed him.proceed to beat him down.he then used Dealing dropping his grapha to bomb my decree.he used gate eff but got destroyed by my MST.He Bounced back his Snow for Grapha wacking into my sangan which i then took Honest wif Sangan effect.Top draw storm,then went into Brionac wif Striker and Honest then bounced back his Grapha wif Brionac effect.he Showed me his hand of full monster so he Scooped.
Game 3 : Decree -ed his 4 solid backrow then proceed to Control wif trishula and warwolf.his gate was stuck as his only Fiend in grave was banished

Match 3 : vs Calvin (Jurra Ninja?)Correct me if i am wrong
Game 1 : Died to Ragia and BladeHeart 
Game 2 :End Decree then went into trishula wif Striker ,Venus and friends.Wacked Slowing for game
Game 3 : Had nothing to get my monster flood after i trap dust shoot him and my venus got warned.he had double Guaiba wacking me which i jumped Gorz in response.i use gorz to wack into his mirror knowingly
did not set any monsters and i tot he will not be able to OTK me the next turn but i was wrong.then i found out that i did a mistake of not changing my Gorz token to att position after my Gorz att cause i'v got Honest.or i could have used gorz token to test the water first cause he would mostly used his mirror force incase i will to have honest then leaving my gorz in def which could had given me a few more turn since he have nothing that can get rid of it expect BLS but he did not have any darks in grave and hopefully can i get my Agents.

Placing : 2nd
Will be going Wee min's house ltr wif  my blogmate wesley for some deck testing.Poh Seng did not tagged along as he had something on.We will oso be Dueling videos to make this blog more lively,hope that ppl outside of Singapore will follow this blog.More will be updated soon....

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