Sunday, 11 December 2011

New time Low wahahaha 11 December 2011

Me, Yingjun and Wesley all went down to ah kit shop tourney and all of us died very badly, both me and Yingjun were using TGAA while Wesley was using chaos beat.

Match 1 vs Sam (Wind up Inzectors)
Game 1: He went first and set a defence monster, my turn i summoned earth but i dun dare poke, it turns out to be damsel luckily but he call out hunter next turn and GG.
Game 2: He heavy storm my dark mirror and call out zenmighty with throw card tricks, i jump gorz then but it died to Acid Golem and GG

Match 2 vs Zhi (Gladiator Beast Virus Mail Edition)
Game 1: He went first but my orange light put me in gd position to win until i forgot to mind crush his chariot when he add to hand and i died to it later on
Game 2: I greedy went to heavy storm his 2 set card and a faceup mail cause i had low lp but ate starlight road and hyperion ate a shrink...Yes i know but not Jonas Bai style

Match 3 vs Shaun (Junk Dopple)
Game 1: He opened with 1 for 1 and dump dandylion and went up hill from there
Game 2: Trap dustshoot and controlled
Game 3: Starting hand had a ball, in the middle of game i summoned earth ate a veiler, it died and i top another ball which i set and he attacked my gantetsu, i top a maxx c on his turn he open monster reborn i chain maxx c and he attacked gantetsu to death and ended which mean i draw only 1 card and that was ball. On my turn i summoned the ball make another gantetsu and subsequently died to him having boss monsters on the field. Similar to the Gearframe hand i had in Worlds Last swiss match roflmao. And when i drew the 2nd ball my face already like some emo freak but apparently some tot i drew well -.-

Match 4 vs Yew Loong
Game 1: Control with hyperion
Game 2: He dunno Safe zone effect well enough so keep feeding monsters to let my hyperion equipped with safe zone kill and i use hyperion bomb his backrow avoiding starlight road. He super poly it away and killed my raioh but i reborn brionac next turn and then controlled from there and won.

Score 1-3
lalalala last 2nd, which means time to change gets boring when people see you and like oh he plays either AA GK or Gadgets, but it looks more like GG to me whichever i played lalala.
Anw Weemin is not present due to his involvement in exams tmr, gd luck to him and i think he shouted too much on saturday during the SNSD concert