Friday, 9 December 2011

Ranking Tourney at Kit's Shop Dec - 8 - 2011

Deck Used :Rabbit Ragia

Match 1 : Vs Zexuan (Six Sam)
Game 1 : Ended wif Rai-oh and 4 backrow.He end wif a backrow.then i drew a rabbit and exceeded into ragia and wack.Game ended after a few turn of him struggling wif my rai-oh.he told me that this starting hand had gateway,Rota and Signal.Well it's a promo for a reason
Game 2 : Balkion = GG for me as i drew 2 trap card the following turn
Game 3 : Draw into too much monster,tried stalling for a few turn.went into ragia wif 1 Saber and 1 Kaba.he shortly died after it as he had no responses.

Match 2 : Vs Poh Seng (Agent angel)
Game 1 : First turn Rai - oh locked his Agents and Friends
Game 2 : DQ - ed myself as i had sided in 1 more torrential tribute into my deck
Game 3 : Slowing Losing advantage thus leading to my downfall

Tried out Rabbit Ragio,it was fun,backrow will very solid unlike when i was play Six Sam.the backrows are mostly cards like magatama and DEST (or because is cause of my build).Main Decking Rai-oh enable a lock - down,very useful against Agents if u'r going 1st.The new Structured deck - Dragon Collide will be coming this sat in our locals.Poh seng would telling me about this DragonSworn deck whr u uses LightLords to mill Eclipse Wyvern to the grave then banishing ur "Boss" monster like Judgement dragon, Red-eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Et....... then getting it back by banishing ur Eclipse Wyvern with cards like BLS and Chaos Sorcerer,pretty much the concept as Twilight. if u's looking to try out new decks,u can try it out as lyla is getting reprinted in the SD so u dun have to worry about not being able to get one.

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