Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tourney at Jcube 3 Dec 2011

went down jcube yesterday for the lavalval chain tourney with turnout to have 27 ppl. topped my first $8 tourney!!woohoo! started to join such "big size" tourneys last month as i wanted to bring myself to a new level.And finally top4-ed yesterday wif TG - Agent angel.Also congratz my blogmate-weemin in getting first and got his first lavalval chain

Match 1 vs Ryan Stark (junk Doppel)
Game 1 : Lost dice roll.he set and drew a venus and went on to make gantatsu jumped warwolf and wacked into bulb.had nothing to answer to his stunt the following turn and died after struggling for awhile.
Game 2 : Sided in much of my hand trap wif helped me greatly in the match.drop maxx c on him had drew earth which given me the flood of monster and proceed on to rush him
Game 3 : drew 2 striker 1 warwolf 1 gorz 1 Mst and trago Zzzz.he set 2 on his backrow and 1 monster and end. jumped striker and warwolf used MST to destory his back row which was Call.went on to Wonder Mag his only backrow but he chained bottomless and i drew 1 and got my earth,took venus with earth wacked into his - drew a hyperion.trishula him removing his spore monster reborn and debris.he had nothing left to take me down so i rushed him.

Match 2 vs Wesley ( insane - teched  junk doppel )
Game 1 : had no agents in hand,lost the mood to play end wif 2 backrow.he debris into Iron chain the next turn and wacked me.had Black Horn and Torrential tribute as backrow and did not used it as i wanted him to mill my agent so i will not have 2 Hyperion 1 BLS stuck in hand.milled 2 agent and 1 orange light into grave from Iron Chain effect.draw a striker.Summoned hyperion trying to do some damage.he went into catastor and crimson blader???destoryed my hyperion.Jumped BLS and wack his both Synchors and he dropped trago in response.leaving my sangan in att mode.he made junk warrior wif doppel warrior which made his junk warrior att 3100 wacked my sangan which gamed me
Game 2 : started with earth and 1 backrow.went on to try and trishula but my venus got Maxx c,wack wif ball 
but he trago me which i cannot get pass.had nothing to get pass it so i decided to trishula him giving him a +2.Rushed him again the following turn but he dropped fader.made a big mistake which lead me to a downfall. 
Had 2 more games coming up and have win them to get to top 8.
Match 3 vs Samuel ( LightLord )
Game 1 : Venus into Gantatsu and wacked his ryko.milled 1 lightlord and guardna, i set one decree and end.he used Solar Recharge and milled 2 lightlord.he summoned lumina and discard wolf to call Graoth.
hyperion-ed him to do some damage but got beaten down by double judgement dragon the next turn.
Took quite a while to side as i wanted to get into top 8
Game 2 : Opened wif a godly hand.had Earth, Hyperion, Honest, Striker, Orange light and heavy.End the game fast as he had a bad hand
Game 3 :Striker Venus into Trishula and warwolf beat him down.

Match 4 vs Chin Chow/Jess (Angel agent wif main deck Rai-oh?) Shared.he let me up as he claim to draw ball every game

----------------Top 8---------------- 
Match 1 vs Bixuan (Tg - Agent Angel)
Game 1 : Dead to Venus and trishula beat-down 
Game 2 : Rushed him wif Trishula,Warwolf and Hyperion and decree which locked down his 3 backrow
Game 3 : Catastor and Core Destoryer win game ever though he top draw hyperion

Match 2 vs Wee Min/FireOwner (Chao inzector)
Game 1 : OTK-ed him wif Android BLS and Trishula
Game 2 : Died to his Damsel and Friend 
Game 3 : Same as Game 3

Shared wif Mango as i had to go so did not fight

Result : 3rd - 4th?

Had a taste of Inzector 1 turn "plus like free " stunt,it was like Inferntiy only that it is a little more auto-pilot.Bought my Tg Wonder Mag before the tourney from Sherwyn and it helped me alot.might be going down Ah Kit new shop ltr this afternoon for the tourney.Till then ....

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