Saturday, 3 December 2011

Double Tourney Report 2 and 3 December 2011

2 December TTZ Trading Ranking Tourney

Match 1 vs Johann (Debris Junk Dopple)
Game 1: Typical Beatdown
Game 2: Mid Game tribute breaks his momentum and i just whack him down

Match 2 vs Shaun (TGAA)
Game 1: Compulse earth plus tribute he left 1 card which is monster reborn, sin cyber end whack him 4k then he drew earth and summoned it, next turn i pot into a gk and he scooped as i had descendant on field earlier on when he whack it with earth (thinking it was a spy and wanting to orange light it)
Game 2: Wolf plus Sangan beatdown
Game 3: In control with good backrow and just beatdown

Match 3 vs Shaun (Karakuri)
Game 1: Hi beast, u brought bureido along? Lets go to 2nd game after using the karakuri's united on first turn.
Game 2: Struggled but he struggled with my Rai oh then went into top decking to win
Game 3: I set 5 card end turn but accidentally set necrovalley in S&T Zone so auto concede

3 December Jcube Tourney
Deck used: Gravekeepers again
Match 1 vs Clarence (Inzectors)
Game 1: Tribute on first turn drops nothing on his hand and he blind mst wrongly and miss my road which he proceed to heavy storm and i come out stardust and he scooped after few turns
Game 2: Insects bombing everywhere
Game 3: Veiler plus Chain disappearance fail as he already had a damsel set facedown, proceeded to scrub later on
Match 2 vs Johann (Ninja Dino)
Game 1: Tio Controlled by Ragia
Game 2: I sp sin cyber end and with 6k left he warning, i sp one more sin cyber end
Game 3: He heavy storm and my hand is 0 his hand 4
Match 3: Shaun (Anti meta gadgets)
Game 1: He beat me down
Game 2: I beat him down with solumn judgement as the definitive counter card
Game 3: He solumn me i solumn back him to win
Match 4: KY (Declarer Angels)
Game 1: First turn Herald and i was unable to beat it
Game 2: I royal tribute him on my first turn and he threw 3 monsters with 1 of them being herald and he had Advanced Ritual Arts in his hands already
Game 3: Same as Game 1

Score 1-3 3rd from the bottom rofl and got a sleeves as lucky draw

Is this a sign of changing decks time to come? Mayb i should play windup...on other thought mayb agents on other thought, i went out of ideas

zzxiaoboizz emos and signs off

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