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GAOV Box Tourney At YewTee 25/2/12

And so.... i went down to yewtee after Wesley and Pohseng telling me about this "Box Tourney" whr top 4 will share a box of GAOV. Its format is Double Elimination and there is 3 Swiss Round so getting 2 wins will get u a slot in top8 which u will then fight for top4.Firstly,will like to thank Zexuan (the judge) for helping with the pairing although he wasn't pleased with those ppl around (and the YewTee Uncle)that doubted his ability.

No. of Part : 15?
Double Elimination              
March Banlist Used(this was one of the reason why i went down.although the difference was just changing the trapdust shoot to a second torrential but it help alot cause drawing dust shoot at late game cause a dead draw,well they both has their pros and cons)

Deck Used : Inzector 
Match 1: ??? ( X-Sabers) OO
Game 1 : opened wif god-like hand so i just bombed his backrows which turned out to be fake,made zenmain after that and end with 3 backrow.His plays was limited by my hand trap and fiendish chain then won from there after a few turns
Game 2 : Somewhat same as game 1

Match 2 : KFC(Chao Lightlords) OO(really sry for scolding u as zexuan was not in a good mood then and u doubted his ability.
Game 1 : Even though he knew i was playing inzecter,he set a monster wif no backrow hoping i did not drew any combo pieces.damsel and centipede was flying around for the next few turn and shortly took the game after his bls and chao sorcerer get veiled and chained
Game 2 : set up wif armageddon knight and pot for cent.wanted to bomb his monster but got i just ended the turn wif 2 backrows of warning and fiendish chain.His turn,he use reincarnation to take back veiler and he ended this turn.lured out veiler wif my centipede from last turn and then summon another one and i could hear the **** word from him.bomb and took damsel,atk and made empty space to bring back my sangan wif was allured away. he summoned chao sorcerer but got veiler when he used it eff so he summoned zombie carrier to make scrap dragon and summon BLS which he then used it effect but got chained again,his scrap rammed my empty space then i bomb him next turn wif damsel and he died from thr

Match 3: BYE (BYE)
as i won both of my matches,i got into top8 along wif Wesley and Pohseng .  

-----Top 8-----
Match 1 : Ben?(Offering gadget wif some random tech)XOO
Game 1 : got swarmed by gadgets after my judgement was breaked by breaker then followed by a topdecked stormed .Could not do much as i started wif 2 hornet and 1 armageddon wif no centipede or damsel.tried putting up a fight but got bottomless and stuff.
(wasted quite some time sidedecking b4 proceeding to game 2)
Game 2 : opened godly and started bombed everything and then went for gamed wif damsel and mantis 
Game 3 : stored for a few turn wif centipede beatdown.then slowing setting up wif pot and card trooper.his veiler my damsel then fiendish chained it.after slowing getting rid of his hand traps and stuff,he desperately setted 2 backrow and end.mst one of them which turned out to be a Offering so i decided to go for game and i knew it was a fake backrow.damsel and mantis stun FTW!

Match 2 : Wesley (Holy mother of god - tourguide inzecter)XOX (was really grate then i did not met Pohseng or Wesley during the Swiss Rounds.)
Game 1 : drew shits of 2 armageddon but did not do anything as i fear he had this combo piece already.he summoned tourguide for Sangan and wack.i summoned hornet and equipped hornet to it and bomb tourguide.he farmed for a few turn but i still did not drew anything so i just died after a few turns
Game 2 : Sangan and Card Trooper beatdown for a few turn then went for control wif chains and veiler .
Game 3 : Game Went into time.he used some spell card which cost his 1500LP to summon a monster from my grave,was sweating like hell and i could not focus so i kept hearing damsel so i chain COTH but got counter by trap stun so i chain a second COTH on was then i started hearing he was targeting he made zemain wif my hornet and his veiled centipede.wasted a great amount of resources trying to get ride of the zenmain and by then i could not fought back

Pohseng lost to Hakim which was using Empty Jar.Wesley then won against hakim so we went off wif a total of 22 packs.Pohseng's pack got nothing ,i got 1 Super Rare and 1 Ultra,Wesley got 4 foils from his packs one of which is Gaia (the exceed one)so total having 6 Second place is likely to get no foils or a Holo.was really happy that we all 3 spot in the top4 ,if Only WeeMin was here......dun know wad is WeeMin up to but he really rarely seen in yeah,a good day for all of us.

Signing off ,

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