Friday, 17 February 2012

Most legit March Banlist thus far(link included)

glow-up bulb

Restricted to 1
tg striker
agent earth

Restricted to 2
emergency teleport
smoke signal
level limit area b
torrential tribute
reborn tengu

ultimate offering

No longer Restricted
call of the haunted

source from:
(ripped the above list from, hope he doesnt mind)

Now this list would seem the most legit even though im pretty much amazed at how little of the tier 1 decks now are affected. Bye junk doppel, bye agents, ironically both decks being the ones I was closest to using for Asia championships. Not going to do a review until it is 100% confirmed, but seeing as how the scans have shown that it is highly likely to be the definite list, we're in for a wild ride this next 6 months. Comment away.


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