Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My March Banlist Prediction

So many people have done it, and yet I still find it amusing to see what others thoughts are on the matter. Gonna list what I feel should be hit/removed from the list off the top fo my head. The spoilers for the real list should be out soon, so just take everything with a pinch of salt.
This is what I hope(please konami do it even though what we say makes no difference) would be the result of the coming list.

1. Monster Reborn
Too good a top deck. Lets you regain control easily by reviving a boss monster, major combo piece etc. With 2 CotH as recurssion amongst others a card such as Reborn being much faster than that and having no limit to your own grave just seems to be overpowered.

2.Mind Control
Think Brain Control, but maybe even better now. With synchro summoning and the advent of xyz summons, its often impossible for the monster you take to be returned anyway. Love the card, but it has to go.

3.Foolish Burial
Too good imho. Whenever I had this and Mind Control in my opening hand during the junkdoppel days it was hard to lose. Even now it allows so many plays, and makes windup and inzektor consistent. Bye.

4.Future Fusion
Open with this in dragons, hard to lose. Open with this in heroes, instant setup. Banning this might be abit a stretch though as Konami would want the popularity of their newer archtypes to flourish

5.Trap Dustshoot
Its dead late game at times, but opening with it is usually a win. Being able to send back a key monster and gain full info of the hand is something extremely vital and game winning.

Well...not that tour guide is a factor in the OCG but still this card is the ultimate floater the game ever had(save Witch). Searches everything that is good. Bye.

1.Inzektor Dragonfly
People say Hornet needs to be hit, but I think otherwise. This card starts the spammage, the plus 4, the swarm, the OTK. The limiting of this card would only serve to turn the deck toward the right direction, more of a toolbox deck than mindless autopiloting. With GAOV providing some rather interesting new caards to the archtype, Dragonfly at 3 would only serve to leave those newer cards in the dust.

2.Wind-up Rat
What to hit in this winding loop(see what i did there) of despair is the question everyone has ont heir minds. Hitting the hunter is foolish as many run only 1 in their builds. Hitting the znemaighty might seem decent at first but what actually enabled the loop was the zenmaighty spammage, not the card itself. Hnece why, we hit the rat and make it so that the deck becomes an xyz tool box rather than go first and start with +3 or more.

3.Magician of Faith
What?.....Ikr. But if Konami really does get rid of alot of our power spells then this card is definitely one to be off the list. Flip effects are so slow this format and this card can be potentially dead when opening with it anyway.

4.Rescue Rabbit
This card is instant Laggia, instant Verz(insert), instant whatever. Definitelynot as broken as Cat, so unless some amazing way to abuse it even at 1 appears, this guy can just stay here forever, probably never gonna get banned.

5.Mystical Space Typhoon
This and Heavy at one is the best balance imo. Having this at 3 does a few things. It make setting 1 backrow in fear of Heavy being too dangerous as you would be one step away from dying early as the mst are just fly around everywhere. It makes dust tornado and similar cards almost obsolete. I cant find 3 asia mst(joke). Basically, too much herp derp in the format coupled with this = die early or pray he didnt open with one of his 4 maindecked backrow removal.

6.The Agent of Mystery - Earth
As much as im liking agents as of late, this card is pretty broke. Opening with this is equivalent to many things, tutoring Venus, wasting veilers, Agent in name for hyperion, light tuner and more... we know konami doesnt hit structure deck boss monsters so limiting the tutor would indirectly make people run less hyperions which is the main issue i believe. And no, limiting the balls just doesnt really make sense.

7.Snow, Unlight of Darkworld
On the same note as Earth, it is the decks tutor as such limiting it slows the deck down greatly and though it hasnt had a great showing in the OCG recently, search power is one of the most abused things for consistency and limiting this only serves to allow players to innovate.

It had its days of glory back in goat control, but now i dont see how it is near staple and even largely splashable in anything. I wouldnt wanna waste a summon to flip my gk spy down, or ryko. Sure it kills monarchs and DAD in battle but really, thats all. Pretty slow even if it comes back now. Restting monster effects can be done with better cards, like Book of Moon(which i wish goes back to at least two, pretty much no way though)

The card that makes lavals busted. Instant quasar or red nova. Banning it kills the deck, so at one it would work i guess. Hey we have magical stone excavation for such reasons...

1.BF-Kalut the Moonshadow
Give them a break, 3 icarus did nothing for them. With the 2nd kalut it make shura less dead, and gives it back a tad bit more control.

2.Emergency Teleport
Mind Master is gone, teledad is nonexistent, and psychics need more playability.

3.Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
Again 3 JD didnt do much for it either, Lumina brings back much needed consistency.

4.Gladiator Beast Bestiari
Did not play in the GB rampant format but I feel this at 2 now would not help as much as alot of people think it would, so it would be fine.

5.Pot of Duality
One of the most fair consistency cards ever. Putting it to two doesnt really do much as many already run it at two, But one would be too harsh, so two would do fine.

1.Destiny Draw
No one played them even when d-draw went to two. No one will even if it goes to three(competitively anyway)

2.Magic Cylinder
Who cares

3.Summoner Monk
Get veilered and die

4.Necro Gardna
I think putting it at two was just to see if it would go broke again, guess what. It didnt.

That about rounds up my predictions, it seems like a huge change im predicting but alot of it is what I feel is nescessary. What actually happens is obviously out of our hands though, so till then. (Then being GAOV, exciting set is exciting)


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