Tuesday, 7 February 2012

We are still very much alive + short updates.H

Hello ppls Lamby here, just want to let our readers out there know that, yes, we are still alive, albeit slightly inactive due to commitments. Weemin and I both have exams and various other poly commitments, pohseng is in A level year and(hopefully) studying, while yingjun is,.....doing something in sec sch. teehee.

On a yugioh note, apparently the asia championships this year will be in late march/april, which is a great sign for me as it should not clash with any of my other commitments, hope to see many of you all there too. Secondly, I only realised my extreme ranking decline in the ranking tournaments just yesterday, but strangely enough it doesnt feel as disappointing as i thought i would have felt, probably due to the fact that the system has pretty much been messed up to begin with.

On a more important yugioh note, GAOV has some really fun looking cards/archtypes. I am keen to test out the HolyDragons simply due to the fact that they have a rather interesting mechanic + unlimited restriction RotA, but i dont see them being very consistent still aside form being a one shot kill deck, which is how I see the deck to be built as of current releases. Dont count it out though, as the Japanese would prolly pull another blast from the past(think HoCW and InsectImitation) and make it rather revolutionary. Card Car D(or however you spell it) seems good, just in the right deck only.(3 battle fader, 3 swift scarecrow, 3 maxx c,3 veiler, 2 trag, 1 gorz...omg high. Hand traps love) Inzektor Gruf is pretty neat too, as in the event of hornet/dragonfly restriction it would give the archtype a nice, yet not broken toolbox of new xyz or simply to combo off with. Regarding new potential xyz, im liking photon butterfly assassin quite abit as it is generic, and has great game winning potential, think of all those times Raggia decks in the OCG get stuck with a DEF mode reaper for example.

On a much more serious yugioh note, I have(in my less than adequate amount) been testing certain variants of decks and possibilities that could potentially be my deck for asia championships. Now the banlist might kick in right before the tournament, hence why most of the stuff that I have been testing would largely be unaffected. After all the insane tech choices and netdecking(yes it is a good thing to netdeck, no reason not to if theres unfamiliarity in the archtype), I have narrowed down my selection to just a few, and some of it might suprise you all. On that note, in this time of testing, I realised simply straying 3 to 5 cards away from an established decklist makes a deck so much more unique in its playing, and gives enough of a suprise factor to warrant its usage in upcoming tournaments. Look at YCS Guadalajara, where SixSam triumphed, maybe he mained triple maxx c.....most probably not but the idea is that out of the blue techs that have synergy with an alreadye stablished deck/archtype would be the way to go if winning high level competitions is to be considered. Or, simply playing the carbon copy of a winning deck works too, but more often than not the variant that topped had certain deck choices which fit the style of the player, as such was being able to be pilotted to success. In conclusion, try out different techs, never be afraid to question what the community has deemed to be "the right way" to play certain decks, and through all this learn and be able to improve your skills and have fun with the game.

Be back soon, probably with more such random updates. Cheers

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