Saturday, 28 January 2012

Active Game Collections 28/1/12 and March Banlist prediction

Hi guys.Siryugiohalot here.Sorry for not posting anything for the past few weeks,was really busy wif my school homework and stuff.Finally found time today to take part in the tourney at lor ah soo and to write about my prediction for the march ban list.pls do not flame me as this is just my point view of the predicton.

Active Game Collections Tourney
Deck used : Inzector Agent Angel
Match 1: ??? (Infernity) 
Game 1: Effect veiler-ed his Grepher and it went downhill for him as he did not drew into any combo pieces.
Game 2: Decree him during end phase followed by a storm.went for Venus and Imitation for Damsel equipping Hornet from my hand then went for game wif Hyperion and Inzectors.

Match 2 : Uriel ?(Bubbleman HeroBeat)
Game 1 : Damsel bombing for a few turn then followed by BLS and Venus for game
Game 2 : He drew nothing so he let me win...

Did not have to play the 3th swiss round as i had already advanced to top 16

Match 1 : Shelton (Inzector)
Game 1 : slowly controlled while i stall to get my boss monsters.lured out the fiendish chain which i knew he had, thanked to him asking if i wanted to use the eff of centipede so i used it without having any then went for game wif bls wacking his centipede and direct attacking.
Game 2 : did a mistake of miscalculating his life(i think) wif him having 100 point life,which i could gamed him if i have overlay for revise or No.30.blame myself for that......did not have the mood to play on so i did not argued.he top drew monster reborn and game me.
Game 3 : drew nothing to keep up wif the advantage he gained so i died

Result : Scrubbed...

Once again,this is just MY prediction,may or may not be true,so pls dun flame me for that

Banned :
Black Luster Soldier - Table - Turning card.too good a top draw
Heavy Storm - one card that can net much advantage,making the game end fast if one were to have bad hand
Card Destruction - too much advantage gained if one is to play it wif 2 or more Darkworld in hand 
Mind Control - stealing a opp monster to synchro is just too good

Limited :
Rescue Rabbit/Ragia - Rabbit into Ragia will net u a +1 so one of them have to be banned. 
Damsel - limiting this gives other deck a better chance against Inzector as if the eff of damsel goes gives u a +3 to 4 which is just too broken to have 3 running around

Semi Limited :
Wind-up Zenmighty/Wind-up Rat - having ur opp to start wif only 3 cards in hand is too strong.
Rekindling - Rekindling + battle fader = Quasar/OTK enough said..
Grapha - bouncing back 1 dark world to reborn a 2.7k beatstick is no joke.
Hornet - if Damsel is not Limited,this better be or this meta is going to be screwed..again....

Unlimied : 
Necro Gardna - wif so many monster wif effects to bomb ur backrow,its good to have this to negate an attack 
Magic Cylinder - doesn't really matters since it will just be bomb by Inzecters

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