Monday, 23 January 2012

A little revamp + update + Sorry + LOL

Sry for the poor concept on the blog, i revamped it a bit and of course it still looks kinda lacklustre, got to apologise that the videos will not be up due to other members being kinda busy....might try to get the files from other members and post it if i can find them and find time (Lol might be unlikely so really sorry)

Secondly, this blog has been very inactive due to the fact that the design looks a bit wrong and all of us are predominantly qute inactive in ygo competitive. Eternalflame are only free on sundays (somehow no tourneys now) while im bz with watching invincible youth 2 (Yes jiyoung) , spending saturdays on some other cip for the school and building decks. But definitely none of us are out yet, i have plans to enter the un-official team tourney next month 11 February 2012. Link for those interested ones:
Sadly, wesley and weemin might not be joining me (high chance due to poly exams the following week or smthing like that) So im on the hunt for teammates, currently have a provisional one but 3rd member not cfmed AW thats so bad (ok tats a good hint). Ying Jun currently is on off for ygo events and mainly frequent rankings only.....alongside with Lamby....explains why u dun see us on saturday 8 dollar tourneys topping or even lucky draw (-.-)

Thirdly, i heard that asia's in singapore is mid-april which means banlist will probably kick in and play a part in the asia 2012.......not touching on banlist as quoted from Team Aqueous (link at the right side of your screen under my blog list) 'Konami is unpredictable'. Anw a recent review shows that macro ragia, inzectors, laval (rekindling to 2 is kinda high chance OOPS i said no predictions argh, hand itchy) and of course hero beat are decks in the running for the singapore meta. For asia though, i tip inzectors, dopple, ragia and tg agent angel to stand a decent chance.

Fourthly, i have been appalled with some prices stated by some buyers. Before going on i would like to state that i have no particular targets that i am aiming at and if u feel offended then i apologise. One thing we do know that DT cards and Tcg exclusives are elusive in singapore.... cards like Vertz Heliotrope(Link:, Evolzar Dolkka (Link:, Laval archetype(just see among of ppl playing laval in singapore in local tourneys, can count with my fingers) and of course Tour guide from the underworld (Link:
I have seen ppl offering pretty low for such cards.....hmm lets say 35 sgd for a dolkka offered by some taxi driver(pure illustration any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental and i mean it), come on i have imported 3 myself and they cost me more than that each.....although if u do order in bulk its cheaper but i feel that such cards have a higher price tag and 1 should offer higher to get these if they really wanna get it. Then some troll forum post states that buying tour guide if <100, then we go with David's Signature Quote 'You got how many? I buy all' Well clearly one is trying to rip off some random kid who buys a pack of extreme victory and goes omg tour guide and goes forum to sell to someone who buys it at a specific price since others who writes you quote and stuff might puzzle the kid who does not know price. Well then again, if u wan tour guide, pls import it, not as though u can't get it from usa or canada......better than posting in forums all day long and having 0 replies. OR mayb they just wanna lowball which once again is part of a human characteristics for some.

Ppl might think that im making a whining post or flaming post but i really irk ppl who needs cards that are hard to get and are paying low(real low) for it. Might as well dun get it.......
Anw a belated Happy New Year, expect many people to be buying cards with angpao money while i would go spent it on a few korean albums instead (lol random) since i have no plans to expand my card collections until the new theme comes out (mainly holy carved). Though i have thoughts of getting some dragorados for it too....(Aw thats going to burn angpao money).

Once again, for those that feel insulted by my post, i apologise and its just my personal thoughts. I meant no harm

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