Friday, 20 April 2012

Asia Championship qualifiers 2012

So, my teammates were grumbling that even though I have posted that I will be returning to YGO and blogging, no blogpost has been made by me after my last one close to 2 months ago.. Due to me going overseas for 5 weeks to study, and also school just starting this week. And thus I have returned to make a blogpost. Last weekend we had both the Singapore Qualifier for Asia Championship 2012, as well as the Asia Championship battle. Congrats to Kenneth for winning the Singapore Qualifier, and to Jeff for achieving a great feat, by defending his title and becoming an Asia Champion for a second time in a row! Anyway, going into the event, I was a Rank 'D' seeded player which means that I did not have to play in the first 2 elimination rounds, and go directly into round 3. During the time, I was taking Wesley's camera and walking around taking pictures of the ongoing duels, as well as some of the side events. Once it was my turn to go up, I was really hyped up for my duel, so here we go.

Deck Used: Insane Tech Inzectors
Format: Single Elimination

Round 1: Did not happen

Round 2: Did not happen

Round 3: VS Chee Xian (Whirlwind Black Feather)

He was a good friend of mine, and it was no easy feat piloting a BF deck 2 rounds into the tournament flooded with Inzectors and Dino Rabbit. He also told me that he defeated 2 other Inzecktor decks before facing me..

Game 1: I opened with a god hand, with Damsel, Hornet, Gigamantis and Heavy Storm. He set 2 backrow and summoned BF Bora, before ending his turn. On my turn I activated Heavy Storm and cleared his backrows. After that, I summoned Damsel, and proceeded to OTK him.

Game 2: This time he put on a little bit of fight, but once Damsel appeared, the party was over.


Round 4: VS Stark (Dino Rabbit)

Feature match!!

Game 1: He opened 1st turn Rabbit into Laggia, and with 4 set cards..... It was really too much for me to handle with my suboptimal hand of 3 Damsels among other cards.

Game 2: Drew my sided Snowman Eater and Trap Stun, and performed a stunt where I forced his Laggia negation with Trap Stun, before clearing his backrow with Heavy Storm and the killing Laggia with Snowman Eater. Damsel soon came and ended the game.

Game 3: Once again, I was looking down a first turn Laggia, with nothing much to counter it. The game was over when he negated my Heavy Storm with Starlight Road.

So I was kicked out of the tournament..... But Stark went on to take 3rd place overall, so it was not as bad in the end.

Continued the day by playing some side events, as well as watching the last few matches of both the Singapore Qualifier, where my teammate also got killed by 1st turn Laggias from Stark, but nonetheless a wonderful run by him, getting 4th placing. Also watched Jeff killing Kenneth in the Asia Championship finals. THis marks then end of my Asia Championship 2012 run, and I hope I can do much better at the Singapore Qualifiers 2012.

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  1. The ability to draw a rabbit each game is based on really small possibility yet he did it and u drew 3 damsel, we all have gd and bad hands so lets hope worlds is nt a bad hand day