Thursday, 19 April 2012

Geargi Karakuri decklist?

Finally the Asia Championship 2012 is over!This oso means i can put aside my Inzector and start playing some fun deck.Have been slacking lately since there isn't really much to post about ... then comes the release of Return of the Duelist Booster pack.One of the most interesting archtype in it is non other than the Geargi.This archtype focus on spamming the field and flooding it.The one and only Exceed  from that archtype is oso one of the strongest rank4 i have seen till now (asia legal).This card gets u any lv4 or lower Machine,so it's very much splashable in any machine deck.Wad other archtype from the other series that is Machine and can spam the field in just a turn wif the needed combo piece than Karakuri? Have been playing around this Karakuri Geargi on Dnet a week or 2 ago.Just yesterday, i read off Clarence's Blog about this OTK that can be preform wif just 3 card.Cheapo Version of Hiero?So i have decided to post about it since this blog have been dead even after Weemin saying that he will return to the game and stuffs...So on to the deck list

~Monster - 20~
2 effect veiler 
3 geargiaccel
3 geargiarmor
1 geargiarsenal
2 birdman
2 komachi 
1 haipa
1 ninja
1 soldier
2 watchdog
2 card car d 
1 gransoil 

~Spells - 12~
1 book
1 dark hole
1 storm
1 iron call
1 limiter 
1 reborn 
1 avarice
2 Duality

~Trap - 8~
1 compulsory 
1 judgment
2 warning 
2 torrential
2 Pwwb

This is pretty wad i have been toying around on Dnet.Doing surprising fine maybe is because i did not meet any inzector.Still nid to test it more in Singapore since 50% and above were be playing Inzectors.Still thinking of main 3 Veiler,starting wif 2 veiler against deck like hero ,hiero and laval equal GG.Solid deck overall,hoping to see some Geargi variants deck to top in Singapore cause Japan already have someone topped wif it in a 50+ man tourney.For the 3 card piece combo OTK ,pls refer to Clarence's blog to learn more.dun wan to steal credit from him since he's the one that review about it.And Gransoil is just a fun tech ,not really sure of plying it in the current format cause after it is remove from field,i dun get my next battle phase which allows Inzector player to go for kill.decent 2800 beatstick still wif the effect of "Monster Reborn".Mine is more towards the control kind,if u are more of the aggressive type,do look out for our blog as i believe Pohseng or Wesey will post about it some time ltr.

P.s Go get ur playset of Geargianto Xs  fast before its price spikes like Atmus.Lol

Will not be active during this week or the next as i have Exams Coming up the next friday .OH FML.
So dun expect much tourney report from me for this 2 weeks.

Congratz to Jeff for defending his title and Kenneth in winning Singapore Qualifier.Oh and Wesley for topping 4.Rabbit first turn every game is no child's play.LOL 

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