Monday, 16 April 2012

My Asia Championships 2012 Experience, achievement unlocked!(sort of)

Here's some insight of what went down and Asia 2012 just yesterday, and how I faired. First and foremost, congratultions to Kenneth for becoming our Singapore champ for 2012, and also for getting 1st runner up in the regional rounds. Best of all, congrats to Jeff once again for defending his throne, you deserve it man.

On to the report, I used inzecters as it was the only deck I felt comfortable with to do well for this event, and teched it out to be as consistent as possible against the meta while also being able to fend of any possible rogue matchups.

Pardon if details are sketchy, im basing my points mostly off pure memory and lifepoint totals which i have recorded.

Round 1: vs Eric (inzecters)
G1: I opened 5 monster hand and he had too strong of a backrow for me to penetrate. died quickly from his mantis spammage.
G2: Early chain disappearance on his damsel got me game quickly as all his offenses had to end prepaturely.
G3: We went into time, but I was up in life as I had hit him previously with a centipede. He hit me with a hornet, then tried to inflict enough to end me with his centipede but i had PWWB to hault the assault, therefore winning in time.

Round 2: Ben (GB)
G1: He was using Rabbit GBs, . I let him do his usual GB stunts but kept his tagging in effects to a one for one trade-off at maximum. Cleared backrow and swarmed like normal inzecters do
G2: From what I can recall and see from the lifepoint totals, he hit me with double andal but I had alot of backrow clearers to make this game pretty easy.

Round 3: Yong Jie (inzecters)
G1: He hit me with a damsel centi loop but didnt cause much damage to my advantage. Think I hit him twice with Revise while preventing his other inzecters from going off before taking it.
G3. He had bad hand, forcing him to reborn my centipede into a zenmaines with his. Controlled with Rank 5 for most part of the game and won quickly.

Round 4: Gavin (Hero Beat)
G1: After both of us were low on resources, I managed to resolve a centipede effect and decided to search for a mantis to equip it to centi as I knew he had alius in hand with nothing else, and a topped deck card to give him thrasher or bubbleman would kill me. True enough he topped rota but the equipped mantis forced him to go into Hope over Blader Armour. Won shortly after as Hope was not a big threat.
G2: Misplayed by going against my intuition as I saw that he played rather conservatively against his previuos opponent, using spark on a monster in g2/3 instead of a chainable moment. wanted to set my inzecter to make my lair wire live but doubted myself so I set a snowman. Sure enough he sparked my monster and killed me with Blade armour.
G3: We were both down low, I had a centipede and back field to his nothing, first damage would win it apparently. He top decks into bubbleman and gets a plus 2 off its eff and touches my lp first. I felt so anguished to die off in such a way that I swallowed any pride I had and asked if he could le tme go up. To my amazement he literally had no reluctance at all and said that he was just here to have fun and thought that I had a better chance anyway. To Gavin if you even read this, I cannot imagine that anyone would do that for someone they have just met in such a premier event, but I am very much thankful. Would not be sure if I could ever do the same.

Round 5: Anthony (Chaos Dragons)
G1: Just a quick note, Chaos Dragons got 2nd place in the US, and won in Europe on the same day lol. I was not very sure how to fend off this deck, so played quite conservatively and managed to bait out Effect veilers, thereby being able to make my push to win.
G2: He opened with Future Fusion and I wasnt able to combat the huge dragon onslaught quick enough. Died in like, 3 turns.
G3: He only had one veiler, and with his deck not seemingly having alot of backfield, I was able to control with rank 5 for most part. The deck though is actually pretty good. Bias maybe, as I have an unhealthy love for Chaos monsters.

Top 8: Zan Hao (GB)
G1: Managed to lure him into setting many backrow as I had multiple too. Only thing is my trap lineup has always been of extreme chainable essence, therefore I was able to make a huge Storm play to plus 2 or 3 and controleld from there.
G2: He couldnt get to his chariots, so it was just a war of baiting backrow and preventing his GBs from gaining advantgae. Key PWWB gave him a turn of dead draw which allowed me to destroy the field.

Top 4: Calvin (Hanzo Hiero)
G1: Got a feature match, so was rather excited. Sadly. It was so obvious I had this game wrapped up but I misplayed like a fool for all to see and lost it. Sigh. My one e major fault after being so carful for the entire day lol.
G2: To my suprise I realised I was relatively unprepared for this matchup, he demolished me for all to see, this time rather ocnvincingly. Good player though, sad that it had to be in top, but well at least it was a decent run.

Btm 2: Stark (RabbitRaggia)
G1: I was quite confident of this matchup, as I usually am against most control decks. I opened decent but sadly he had Double rabbit along with 4 backrow which comprised of nothingless than macro solemn bros and chalice. Struggled and went back to minorly eveng round but big beaters just beta me.
G2: Though I started and had compulse for his Rabbit again, he ad the lance which he used on the saber to make his laggia play safe. Proceed with 4 backrow. Managed to clear laggia next turn quickly, but he had rabbit number 2. Fearing starlight, i torrentialed the rabbit, only to have hinm reborn it =.=. This time though my side put in work and trap stun + inzecter = game.
G3: First turn rabbit!!!!!, and three backrow comprising of what I later realsed to be lance chalice and warning. Was able to clear the laggia wirth ease again but he brought out, another Rabbit!!!, and made life so tough as I couldnt match the laggia in time for my side deck cards to be drawn. ended my day like minus 5 in advantage.

Overal I got 4th place, managed to get my photo taken with some inmportant dude, and have some of the old WJJ ppl recognise me as the small boy from way back lolol. Sad to say I got no trophy nor prize, which was kinda downer. That being said, I was able to sort of achieve my goal of topping the event, and had great fun along the way. Decklist might be up on DuelingDays, if not i can post it here as i am finally,almost surely done with the deck haha. Just a teched out inzecter is all. Thanks to all my opponents for being such nice people, literally everyone of them were friendly and all. Judging staff were also nice and effecient, just that Mango likes to make life tough sometimes when I ask for ruling( kidding), Phillipines Judge was a really friendly dude too.

With that I end the report, once again congratulating Jeff and Kenneth for doing our yugioh community proud.



  1. Apparently DS has 0 deck list from the event.

    Feel free to post your decklist lol.

  2. Oic, overheard during the final rounds that he was gonna get some copies. I'll post it up soon then.