Sunday, 15 April 2012

Pre Asia Championships blabber

So with the championships coming up later in the day, I am glad to say that I am quite prepared for whatever might occur. Both my decks for the main event and challenge the champs are ready, and I have probably gone through my sidedecking and play patterns against my potential matchups countless times. All thats left is to go out there and have a great time, hopefully being able to do well in the process. To all you duelists out there who have prepared for the event, I wish you all the best and have a great time. To my teammates, for all the times we have played together in tournaments, lets hope that we can go as far as possible. Single elimination is tough, but all the more exciting. I will be trying to get photos of the event where i can, hopefully not becuse i got knocked out early lol. Weemin is seeded and only scheduled to play round 3 forward, so will be forcing my camera onto him for the early stages hehe.

Ok bye now, going to sleep and wake up early, to rush for train and be kiasu Singaporeans.


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