Wednesday, 13 June 2012

10/6 WCQ Qualifier tourney report

Hey guys!Its me Siryugiohalot here wif a WCQ qualifier report.Just like et3rnalflame,i too wanted to be in top16 in WCQ.After pulling an Ultra Future Fusion from the previous qualifier,i failed to top8 sadly... Equipped wif a new deck,i headed down to AMK to give it another try.Though wasn't able to win the motive to test deck for the main event was very successful and could finally make up my mind to play which build.Without further ado,lets move on to the tourney report

Format : 5 rounds swiss cut to top8
Deck : Hanzo Hieratic

Round 1 : Zalro /Kl (Rabbit Ragia)

Game 1 : Card Car d and more CCD,then followed by Hanzo play to take down a veiler'd Rabbit.He soon conceded after not having much resources left.

Game 2 : Somewhat same as Game 1

Round  2 : Pokekid (Chao Tg Agent Angle)

Game 1 : Earning from Hanzo and Card Car d.After him minusing himself from milling Reborn off Gallis the star beast and dropping his lone Hyperion to bait out my ninja art and followed by dropping a BLS which i saw coming and countered wif a book of moon.OTK next turn wif Redmd and 3 Hieratic monster from hand.

Game 2 : Game 2 Started wif only 8-10 mins left on the clock,and looking down on Venus and Gantetsu on first turn.Drew Veiler wif a bad hand of BlS,Storm,Reborn,Redmd and Seal,i was forced to banish a Hieratic for Redmd just to deal some damage so to be more advantageous during time out.After a few draw and end turn,a BLS was dropped and took down my Redmd.The favor was return as i dropped my BLS to banish his BLS.He then top draw a Hyperion but my veiler saved my BLS.Got greedy and went on to wack his sangan (which he used to to take Honest) and hyperion only for him to draw ryko but was countered by my Judgement.Banished his Gantetsu the next turn ,but was then destory by a Shine Ball backed wif Honest.i lucked sacked a Cyber dragon to take it down.He went on to top draw Card Trooper.... then used to fused and beat me.Set Veiler and end ,he draw and summon Tg werewolf to beat.I top decked a Hanzo to take down Werewolf and his remaining Lp to take the game.
( a great example to show that such a minor misplay could turn out to be fatal,hope that something like that does not happen to me durig Worlds)

Round 3 : Shawn 1 ( Inzektor)

Game 1 : Storm and OTK

Game 2 : Draw an OTK Hand of 2 Seal,2 Tofeni,1 Shu and 1 Redmd.He made Crimson Ninja and end wif 2 backrow,process to use my top draw'd storm which he chain CED on his Ninja.Tried to Otk but my atum ate a veiler and was not able to make the kill and soon died to his Hornet Mantis bombing.

Game 3 : Hanzo and Card Car d farming then soon control wif Redmd ,Bounzer ,Shu and holding 2 veiler in hand.He ended after setting 2 wif lance facedown,i atked and it was gg

Round 4 : Lauren ( Hanzo Hieratic)

Game 1 : i went first ,setting 2 fail backrow and ended.Double Mst cleared my field and he process to deal me 5k damage wif Gaia and vanilla.I went on to vomit out exceeds to take down his monster and ended wif a book.He gave up after his BLS was book'd

Game 2 : Was able to get my Drago successfully onto the field but was Electric Virus'd away after a few turns of poking.forgot how i cleared it and could get another Drago on the fiel.Drago was ninja art'd and soon died to Drago beatdown as i drew nothing to take it down.

Game 3 : Time was called after a few turns of stalling.At that point,my life point was higher then his and i had 2 scarecrow so naturally , i won.

Round 5 : Jonai Tai ( Inzektor)

Game 1 : doesn't matter since i let him up to pull ppl up

Game 2 : doesn't matter

Match 1 : Lauren - Revenge match

Game 1 : Kena Otk...

Game 2 : went for the rush but veiler standed in the way leaving him wif 2k+ Lp.He dark hole then make Atum to call out redmd for Vanilla to wack.had 2 Hieratic but did not play a third Gaia to pierce so made SwordBreaker to slowly wack.He set a backrow and past.thinking that it could be a torrential,i did not summon my hanzo,thus causing me the game after he draw a Shu to make Bounzer and use eff to end me.
(i soon realised that i could have just summon the hanzo, even if it was a torrential,i still have scarecrow.and having 2 ninja art,i will still be able to transform if he is to negate wif his facedown judgement)

And so,failed to get myself seeded into top16.Finally decided on my side deck after some deck testing wif zzxiaoboizz.Really envy those that is seeded into top16 as wad their side deck only has to comprise of side deck card against the meta deck while those that have to fight 6 rounds of swiss have to put cards for rogue decks....

Just 10 more days to WCQ!looking forward to it and hope for the best that awaits me.

Signing off~

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