Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Audio Ventura Qualifier 10/6/12

Hey wassup everyone! So it was the last mini-qualifier to get seeded into the top 16 spots in WCQ Singapore, and since both my teammates Poh Seng and Wesley has already seeded themselves, I wanted to join them as well. Here we go

Format: 5 round swiss cut to top 8
Deck Used: Chaos Dragons Asia Version

Round 1: Miao (Inzektors) OO

Game 1: Controlled him with big dragons and veilers. He couldn't get anything started.

Game 2: And early darkflare dragon began removing his hornets and gruf from grave, while applying the beatdown.


Round 2: Shawn 1 (Inzektors) XX

Game 1: Died to his inzektor stuns. Veilers were nowhere in sight.

Game 2: Died to OTK. Again, veilers were nowhere in sight. No veilers = DIE


Round 3: Zalro (Dino Rabbit) OXO

Game 1: Pulsar and friends says hi to laggia.

Game 2: He manages to summon Laggia before I could do anything.

Game 3: Managed to clear his field, and end with a Pulsar and REDMD field. He could not get any answers.


Round 4: Zhi (Offering Machina Gadgets) OO

Game 1: Managed to clear his field and went in for the beatdown with dragons. Photon Strike Bounzer dealt the final damage on his gearframe.

Game 2: He amassed a huge field and lots of advantage due to double summon and geargiganto X, and I was only left with 1 card in hand. Then came my turn. I had to kill him this turn, as he had 4000 lifepoints left due to double solemn warnings. All I had was 3 REDMD and 2 Electric Virus in hand. THEN I REMEMBERED I RAN A MACHINE! I took control of his geargiganto X and searched out CARD TROOPER, summoned it and milled 3. Both monsters then proceeded to whack for game.


Round 5: Hong Rui (Hanzo Heiroglyphs) OO

Game 1: We were playing passively until he tried to explode but he was stopped by a veiler on an Atums. Thus all he could do was make a gaia dragoon and attack my monster. Next turn I went all out and wiped out his lifepoints.

Game 2: I hit in early damage with a boosted card trooper, but he dropped a huge tragoedia. During his turn, he summon hanzo, search super art of transformation and attacked me with both monsters, leaving me at 3000 lifepoints. My turn, I dark hole his field and ended the duel with a lyla, BLS and Chaos Sorcerer.


Entered top 8

Top 8: Miao-REVENGE MATCH (Inzektors) XX

Game 1: Couldn't get any milling going, and he had counters to my plays.

Game 2: Once again, couldn't get anything going. And I got killed by a Volcasarus.

The deck that won this qualifier was Hanzo Hieroglyps, piloted by Lauren, so gratz to him.

Since this is over, time to prepare myself for the gruelling 6 rounds of Swiss during the actual day. HERE WE GO!

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