Saturday, 11 August 2012

Updates on World Championship 2012

So, day 1 of WC2012 has more or less come to a close, and there are a few interesting thing that I have witnessed.

1. Jarel 'Pro' Winston of USA managed to pilot an Exodia deck all the way to top 8 of the championship. HOW DA HELL DID HE DO THAT!! Respect for that dude. Not an easy feat at all.

2. Yosei using Dimensional Skill Drain Beat and going to Top 8 as well. I also learnt from him that using Solemn Warning on your own macro cosmos wins you games.

3. Wesley Seek (Lamby), representative of Singapore has successfully gotten into Top 8 with insektors. COME ON, BRING HOME THE GLORY!!

4. Regarding the incident on Malaysia's rep Sung Lee normal summoning twice in his game, it could be said that it was an honest mistake. It was already the 5th Swiss round and since no one (Judge included) caught the mistake, it was let slip. However, even without the normal summoned zephyros, he still could have controlled totally and won the next turn. So stop flaming him on FB already..

That's all for today. We shall see who is crowned the champion tomorrow, and I seriously hope its Singapore :)

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