Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Updates + Banlist Talk + Road to Worlds

Hellos everyone, im back with another of my ever so frequent(not) updates. Before I continue, I would like to thank you everyone who has helped me test and given me advice in preparation for my trip to Worlds, and I must say, it has been rather fruitful. Bring It World!

On to the updates, the following are just basically some of the things you can expect from me in the following months.

Firstly, I will try my best to update the blog daily for the duration of my trip in Japan, providing as much insider(where allowed) info and details of my stay there. Pictures this time are a definite, though mostlikely only to be updated when I get back. Will be travelling there with DSummon of DuelingDays. Apparently he knows his way quite well around the land of Nippon so I should be able to find my way around rather easily. Excited to buy merchandise and more merchandise.

Further down the line, with a few of my major commitments coming to a close, I will start posting deck ideas, theory-oh articles and the like. Think of it like a look into my brain and my perspective of our beloved card game. Keep a look out for that, have quite a few ideas in store.

Last but not least, by doing the above mentioned things, I hope this blog becomes more alive and gets many many more views. It is obvious as of now as to why it has not gone off successfully yet as the team is currently rather inactive on here, but do expect more frequent posts and better content from now on(less tourney report, more interesing stuffs)

With that being said, we move on to the most fun part of pre banlist season, le prediction! As you can already expect, this is never going to affect the final banlist outcome but it's always fun to speculate and see how much of a prophet we can be. So here's my take on what I want the list to look like:

Wind-Up Hunter
Monster Reborn
Future Fusion
Mind Control
Elemental Hero Stratos

Inzektor Hornet
Evolzar Laggia
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Ultimate Offering
Mystical Space Typhoon
Final Countdown

Semi Limited
Rescue Rabbit
Tour Guide fomr the Underworld
Inzektor Dragonfly
Chaos Sorcerer
Judgment Dragon
Book of Moon

Summoner Monk
Destiny Draw
Emergency Teleport
Swords of Revealing Light
Magic Cylinder

Now for some explanations. The general idea of my mock list would be to neuter certain decks, but not outright kill any of them. For the banned cards, we have the obvious double Ms. Both of these cards are splashable in anything and have the potential to outright win games when used properly. Bye. Hitting Hunter is simply a way to make wind-ups a xyz toolbox deck, which is what it should be anyway. I left zenmaity out of this as by banning or limiting it the deck would be along the lines of trash. Future Fusion for the obvious Dragonesque Painful Choice. Now, for Stratos, I feel that by banning him every other hero related card can remain untouched. There would be less arrive hero(because I think hero shld be a control deck), and other viable options can be explored. Hitting stuff like Miracle or E call seem viable but I feel that by banning the one Stratos everything else can stay as it is as they are not as potent.

For the limiteds, i chose to drop hornet to one simply because it makes inzektor players have to be more careful when making their plays as with this limit dd crow becomes once again extremely potent. Laggia to one follows the tradition that Shien left behind. REDMD is too disgusting of a boss monster and by leaving it at anything other than one it makes Hieratics so very skilless(Gustaph Max much). Tsukuyomi just deserves her break. She doesnt do much in this meta, though flipping down Monarchs and DAD is a thing, but still. Offerings should just be banned but I feel since it is a trap, it is slow, and therefore limiting it to one is fine. MST to one just to remind everyone Dust Tornado exists, and the dilema of setting only one on the first turn will be less of an occurrence. Countdown to one is due to the fact that I hate the whole concept of it and Konami probably does to.

Semi limits are quite interesting. Rabbit to two to reduce its consistency, might actually make Evols do something. Dragonfly to two as if it was limited the deck would be too nerfed to do anything, so two makes the deck just right. Tour Guide to two so you open with it less, but is still a power card that will mostlikely be used to search another copy of itself now instead of a Sangan. Sorcerer is rather broke, it was banned once for a reason and at 3 it is a nightmare to deal with. JD should be at one, but lightsworns will die. I think its card design is too wrong, on the level of Dragonfly + Hornet. Mezuki to two as zombies need some speed back and even then they might not do much in the coming meta. Book to two for more control in the game. Last but not least, scapegoat to two as it will have no impact on the meta, without the likes of metamorphosis and plant synchro around.

Finally for the unlimiteds, Monk at three will not up its playability as Veiler is a card. Spore should never have been banned, Bulb was way more broken. This gives plant decks some added potential to synchro and even xyz. DDraw and Teleport to three as the TeleDAD era has passed and this duo cannot match the pace of modern decks. Teleport unlimit can give psychics a tier boost though. SoRL and Cylinder are too slow and are largely redundant, so yea to three it is.

With that, I end my little prediction.

Will be leaving for Japan tomorrow night at 11.55pm, and returning in the morning of the 14th. I have every intention to represent our country well and hope to be able to repeat our amazing 2009 performance. See you all soon, and don't forget to check back for updates!


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